Never stop exploring - Hello Melbourne!

February is for Melbourne!
After my trip to Maldives on January, I was busy for moving and Chinese New year.

Melbourne is a trip for my blogging collaboration and holiday. Meanwhile discover some opportunities as well as expand my network here. A simple sharing about my trip here, casual and relax!

Arrived in Melbourne at around 6am and it was cooling

Visited Uncle Allan's house for warm porridges
love it so much, perfect for cold weather 

Uncle Allan is famous for Orchid, he owns a few farms here in Melbourne
Look at these beautiful flowers.

Roses for his wife. Super sweet

Here comes the artist, Mclau

Selfie in the car is a must.

Yay! Sushi rolls
This is what we love and easily get in Melbourne.

Remarkable soy sauce in the fish tube. =D

Prices are reasonable and good to fill up the stomach anytime anywhere

Typo in Melbourne worth a visit. 
Always cute and trendy

I'm so gonna collect marble stuffs after I get my own place.

Water bottle in this design is so cool.

Purchaser for ZARA in Melbourne is bravo!
Look at these designs, SWAG!

We went to High Point and settled my sugar craving here in Max Brenner.

Breakfast like this! Yum yum
Thanks to Kevin who prepared our meals.

Was waiting for train here in Tarneit Station.

Melbourne central is a Must-Go place in city centre.

We went to this Amazing cafe : Seven Seeds.
Seriously Love their Ice coffee!

Love this poached eggs on waffle.

Must try!
Best Ice coffee in Melbourne City, 
There's a scoop of ice cream inside here oh my god, Perfect Match!

Then, Culture King is a Must-Visit place for street style.

There's also a DJ in the store 

The artist was busy with his camera 

What's next?
SneakerBoy for some sneakers maybe? haha
I need a pair of Busemi in White.

Nike Huarache x Y3 High Qasa

Let's explore the world with me, would you?

Oh ya, never forget the Best dessert store in Melbourne.
Hopetoun Tea Rooms
Try to book your table before you visit this store as there's always Long Queue here.

What? Fried chicken for our dinner.
Best Korean Fried Chicken in Melbourne - GAMI

It's indeed juicy and delicious! Worth to pay a visit!

To Be Continued..


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