Tank : Best Fish & Chips in Melbourne City ( Must-Eat )

Have you ever heard of good stuff aint easy to get nor find? Tank is located at the end corner of the cafe court in Emporium Melbourne.

The best fish and chips I've had so far. They use only local (Aussie or New Zealand) fresh fish and the fans are flocking to Lygon St for Tank’s refined take on the classic. 

You may probably hear that the famous cicerellos from Western Australia is the best fish and chips found in Australia. Personally I'm a huge seafood junkie and I love my food fried or grilled (typical asian), over the cloud I've tried food that are over battered or has a strong smell aroma, let me tell you tho with what is up on TANK'S pan, without a second doubt you better eat it as fast just like grinch steals christmas. The spices are just extremly good! Definitely worth a visit with no regrets.

And, I would like to say that they have the best Tartar Sauce to side with just like how peanut butter and jelly are meant for each other . 

CHECK THIS BLOAK OUT !! His name is Bill and he will take care of your plate once your right on his doorstep!! He may look like the guy from Plants vs Zombie but he is a cool dude and full of jokes!!

From the range of different fishes from the oceanic. Some are recomended for grill and some are recommended for deep fried. This is a traditional fish and chips shop yeah, SO DONT SEE SALMON AND ASK FOR SASHIMI LOL!

Do i have the potential to be dealing with fishes and potato cakes or i should just continue blogging?

Varieties of salads you can side with ( thats if your healthy like me ) 

Here is Bill doing his thing trying to look professional but he is just camera shy lol!
But yeah he still makes good salad!! 

Most men could probably put 3 meals on the table for the family but this is the type of man who deserves to walk in your beautiful life and have what it takes to make you a beautiful meal at any place any occasion.

P:S he did not pay me to write this all tho I'm way better than tinder jksssss !!!

Beautifully designed, a collection of blue Victorian tiles juxtaposed against neon. 
ok I'm hungry now let me eat !!!

Served with a great caper and parsley-heavy tartare. 
Salad light and fresh, chips seasoned really well - loved it

Can't wait for my next visit to taste the freshness again!

Melbourne Must-Eat : TANK Fish & Chips
Lemon squeezed with best Tartar sauce, Mmmmmm
  Thumbs up!

Thanks to Noah, The Supervisor of Emporium Melbourne ( the smart guy in suit ) 
who brought us to explore the entire building and delicious food in Emporium Melbourne.
I'm blessed.

Open daily from 11am.

Tank Emporium
287 Lonsdale Street
Contact number: 9020 4342

Tank Calton
149 Lygon Street
Contact number: 9040 2124


Hazel said...

Wow... i also want to go travel and be carefree like you!Miss their fish & chips

Unknown said...

Hey We met Wilson & you at Eureaka Skydeck. I've emailed Wilson. Are you still in Melbourne?

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