What to buy in Taiwan ?

I got a few email recently asking what to buy in Taiwan. Taiwan, obviously a shopping heaven for most of us and these are the things that I usually buy during my Taiwan trip. Sharing is Caring! If you have any idea on what are those must buy thingy that I have left out from this post, please leave a comment here so I can keep updating and make sure this post is useful for those who prepare for their Taiwan trip.  ^^

Honey Cake

Sun Cakes
太陽餅 (老太陽堂)

Pineapple Shortcrust

Crown Sugar Ginger Tea

Tea Leaves

Uni-President pudding
My all time favourite! You can get it in any convenient store or supermarket.

I always get myself at least one or two as it is a lot cheaper than SG

Shopping heaven for girls as they have great deals on going always!

These are all from Watsons!

These are all from Watsons!

Besides of masks, Bonanza is one of the famous cooling mask gel in Taiwan.
I love this after Bella let me tried hers.

Rohto Lycée Eye drops
This is originally from Japan but you can get it in Taiwan's Watson.
Minty experience and easy to carry, love the packaging and reasonable price

Biore UV Aqua Sunblocks/ Sunscreen
I will always get myself one or two sunscreen from Taiwan's watsons
as their price is cheaper
Biore UV Aqua 防曬

Centrum multivitamin supplement
Victor told me that he got this at about half price in Taiwan
善存 佳維

Flying lanterns
I got one as a souvenir gift before and feel blessed!
they have different colours and wordings represent different blessing
Very good for souvenir

To be continued...
( Any suggestion to add on ? Please leave a comment here ^^ Thanks )

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I would recommend instant noodles!