SkinBiotics Even+ Whiter Review

If you would have followed me for sometimes you should know that I'm a lady who always desperately in getting whiter and fairer skin. I've tried a lot of different ways to make my skin fairer since I was fourteen. I tried whitening skin cares, sunscreens, eat more fruits, daily lemon drink, whitening pills and whitening injection. I blogged about whitening jab/ injection before, I love the immediate effect but my main concern is the price. It's absolutely high maintenance if I go for whitening jabs monthly to maintain fairer skin.

Thus, a big smile was putting on my face when I get this sponsorship by I can't wait to try this skin booster by SkinBiostics. Apart from using beauty products for external care, I always believe that what we consume is equal to what we are! Beauty is actually from the inside out. 

Spotted Fann Wong on the advertisement boards in Watson sometimes back! She is my favourite artist in Singapore. I love her sweet smile and of course her stunning bright baby skin over her entire body. Prevention is always better than cure and therefore I'm indeed into beauty supplements since long time ago. This is my first time to try SkinBiotics and I found that significant result after two weeks. My skin becomes firmer, brighter and healthier. Most important thing that I feel is the PH balance of my skin, no longer oily or dry.

SkinBiotics Even+ Whiter is a breakthrough oral skin lightening formula that helps lighten skin tone, reduce blemishes and increase antioxidant defense. It contains the novel GSH Tripeptide Complex with Glutathione that has been shown in clinical studies to help lighten skin tone in as early as 4 weeks of consumption. Even+Whiter can be used alone or in conjunction with Reactiv 01, 02 or 03 for enhanced skin regeneration.

Contains GSH Tripeptide Complex & Vitamin C (2 of nature's most powerful whitening anti-oxidants used widely in celebrity-style whitening treatment which are usually administered via injections. With recent science development, these two ingredients can now be orally consumed while producing similar efficacy on skin whitening.- Naturally whiter without injection- Helps lighten skin tone, reduce blemishes and increase antioxidant defense- Dermatologically tested on 60 Asian Woman and published on the Journal of Dermatology shows that GSH Tripeptide helped reduce melanin and resulted in fairer skin in 4 weeks of consumption.

Skinbiotics  is available at Watsons now selling at $89 for a box
( 21 capsules in a box and basically for 3 weeks )

Skinbiotics  is available at Watsons now selling at $89 for a box
( 21 capsules in a box and basically for 3 weeks )

I want to be a fair lady, let's fight for a fairer skin together   ^^

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saya said...

Hi!I also interested in all kinds of whitening products.I tried to search where i can buy those online,but didn't find anything. by any chance can u give a website to buy it online>Thank you :))