It's a heart broken day for me.
Will you still able to see me in a wedding gown someday in the future?
Tears keep dropping off whenever I talk about it.I think most of us past through the pain when someone is leaving us especially those we care and love. I used to encourage my friends when they got hurt from their exes by leaving them, I know it is hard for us to wipe off a person that we love in our memory but this is someone absolutely different that I won't able to forget in my entire life.

When I first to this news, I tried to avoid it. I thought everything will be alright, my mind was telling me: don't take it too serious, I act like normal and keep going on my daily life. The fact is, the truth is the truth. Things happened and we have only one way to go, face it.

The report was out yesterday. The doctor told us that she is in final stage now. Tears dropped non stop and I seriously cried my heart out. I know there is nothing much we can do now besides of the step by step chemotherapy and medications. I can hear the fear from my brother's voice although he is always the one who lead the family.

I know I should stay strong for the lady in my life. The only one who gives her everything to three of us.


Eriol Loh said...

your mom?

Unknown said...

Take care , cha ~

Unknown said...

Hey charlene, right now you should preserve more precious moments for your mum. Let her feel your love.. be strong, for she wouldn't want to see you sad. You used to say she makes the best mee hoon kuay, perhaps you can make one for her too? Take care alright?