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Health Aid Beauty Aid ( HABA ), is a MUTENKA brand of skin care, make up and health supplement from Hokkaido, Japan. Non-additive skin cares are always my first concern and I'm glad to share with  you that HABA is free of Parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, chemically synthesised tar colours and petrochemical surfactants. HABA and I both believe that beauty is from the in-side out, Safe to use is always their priority to create their products.

Why non-additive?
Additive like Parabens are basically the preservatives that commonly use in other brands. Guess what? Some scientists have concluded that the presence of parabens may be associated with the occurrence of breast cancer. Read more here in Wikipedia. What about Mineral oil? Mineral oil is a petrochemical, a derivative of crude oil. It has large molecules which are unable to penetrate the surface of the skin, therefore it acts a non-absorbent oily film, said to 'lock in moisture'. But is this such a great thing? Initially, the skin will feel smooth, as you might expect. However, this layer of mineral oil smothers your skin like cling film, preventing it from breathing naturally. Which in turn enables sweat and bacteria to become trapped beneath the layer of oil. This can exacerbate eczema and psoriasis problems and potentially create a false dependency in the long term.

It's so small as it is without preservative. You can make sure that your skin cares are always fresh and safe to use. One of their best selling product - Squalane. 

I'm glad to collaborate with HABA this time and I went down to one of their outlet in Suntec City Mall about a week ago. It's conveniently located near to the entrance of the mall, within 2 minutes walking from Esplanade MRT station. Love the store design as it is all in white! Thanks to Jane, who contacted me and gave me a better understanding on HABA. I did a demo on that day and I'm satisfied with their product so far. The sales assistants are friendly and helpful. Do head down to their store for a free demo and consultation if you are keen on HABA too.

I've tried on their Ion My Esthe II during my visit and It brought me immediate effect! It's a home treatment device that cleanses and treats your skin with the power of ion. It comes with two modes, Ion cleansing mode & Ion care mode. You will be surprised to see the significant result after just one treatment with HABA beauty serums. Skin becomes firmer and fairer in just eight minutes.

Keep reading this post and you will find my before & after photo.

Squalane, one of HABA's best selling has won number one in 2012 COSME beauty awards! Now you may ask, what is Squalane? Squalane is a component  also found in our bodies. It made up of 10% sebum, a lubricant found in the sebaceous gland that forms a protective layer on our skin, keeping it supple. Unfortunately, our bodies produce less Squalane as we age, leading to dehydration and fine lines. It's a similar concept like Collagen. People consume bird nest, collagen drink or use collagen skin care in order to boost up the collagen level in their body.

This is my face before the treatment start. Uneven skin tone is always my main concern.

First step of all - Cleansing. 
They use their Squa Cleansing on my face. It's luxurious soap-free make-up remover effectively cleanses away even stubborn waterproof eye make up while maintaining skin's natural moisture. Formulated with Squalane oil and hibiscus flower extracts, this soothing essential works to calm, clean and hydrates skin.

They put a mask sheet on my face after the application of white lady (serum) and C Lotion (toner). This is a preparation step before the usage of Ion My Esthe II. IME II uses micro-electric current to extract dirt and effectively induces HABA White Lady Serum active ingredients deep into the skin. It performs two basic functions. Restore translucency and resiliency to your skin, just like you’re back from facial salon.

Ion Care 
Generates negative ions(- ions) to repels negatively-charged serum (- ions) to penetrate deeper into skin. · Controls melanin production 
· Promotes collagen production 
· Normalizes metabolism 
· Eliminates free radicals 

These are the four-step skin cares that I've been tried for a week. Squa Cleansing, White Lady Serum, VC Lotion, Whitening Squalane. Guess what? My skin is more radiant and brighten now. I think this is because their White lady serum, a water base serum that I love the most as it is non greasy at all. I love to apply this every morning and night after my face wash. I've tried a lot of whitening serum before and this is the best so far in terms of texture.

Something you don't want to miss if you want to be a snow white haha. I love their White Lady serum so much. It is a big hits in Japan and over 7.5 Million sold worldwide. You can get this White Lady serum at $29 in HABA outlet for 10ml.

After the Ion Care by Ion My Esthe II, I can see significant result in just 8 minutes. Look at my forehead, the mask is actually not fully covered my face and I found the obvious colour difference on my forehead.

Thanks to the make up artist in HABA, She applied the HABA Moist Cover base and Moist Loose powder on my face. Followed by Mascara and lip gloss.

Da-Dang! The natural make up is here. I love it so much.

Sharing is Caring! Now you can get a set of HABA products for FREE!
- 1 Cleanser / make up remover
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- 1 Toner
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Quote " Charlene Tan " to get 15% off 
on your purchase in HABA before 31st of March 2014. 
Discount cannot be applied with other promotions.


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Very beautiful skin you have ChaCha!

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Thanks Joey ^^
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Their products are good for sensitive skin! And your skin...is super good!!!!

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Love to try haba products.

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