( Cebu ) Tops ! The Wide Open View For the Cebu City

High above Busay Hills , around 30-40 minutes ride from Cebu City, Tops offer a Panoramic View of Cebu City and Mactan Island. The cool mountain air is also one of the reason to attract the tourists. This is a place that I recommended for those who travel to Cebu , because the Wide View is really nice and stunning!

You will need to rent a car or a motorcycle ride to bring u up to the Top. The best timing to visit will be around 3-4pm as you can enjoy both Day and Night View. Day View is good for photo shooting but Night View is just for your enjoyment as the City Lights up .

The Day View of Tops, Cebu
Photo from Google

The Day View of Tops, Cebu
Photo from Google

I reached there a little bit late , 4-5pm, and the sky turned dark

Pretty combination of Color
the sky looks pretty

Sweet View ^^

found a lot of tourist here

The Bars...
you can grab a drink and snacks here

A lot of people celebrating here too

Special Thanks to my friend - Emmeline
Her private driver brought us to the Top

Look at the place
Not new and not well renovated but this is definitely a Clean City
I hardly find a rubbish on the street

Dinner Time ! 
We went to a famous Local BBQ restaurant , AA BBQ.. 
They have a lot of branches in Cebu and a lot variety of BBQ. 
I Love the Crispy Pata & Pork Belly BBQ !!

The Crispy Pata that I don't want to Miss !!

Big and spacious Dining place ,
A lot of Korean here too =)

A special Sauce with green tomatoes & Onion
for the BBQ

The most famous Drink in Cebu !
Ice Tea ..
but 100% taste like our Ice lemon Tea   =)

BBQ Pork Belly
Super yummy ~!

BBQ Chicken 
I love it ~ they put a lot of honey i guess..
super Yummy

Someone picked this..
BBQ Tuna Head
First time ate this but really juicy and delicious

You can choose the normal rice or Garlic Rice
Normal rice today for us haha

Dang Dang !!! Crispy Pata !
The dishes I ate almost everyday in Cebu !


Maemoly said...

Very fantastic views! Love ur journey<3

Anonymous said...

Awaiting more posts!

imchacha said...

Thanks maemoly!!!
>v< try my best to share more~!!!