( Cebu ) Body Massage with discount in Tree Shade Spa & Have a tea Break in Cebu IT Park

If you looking for a Quality Massage where they start with cleaning your feet and end with serving you tea, this is the place to be. Tree Shade Spa located at Salinas Drive, right beside Mango Tree Restaurant in Cebu City. This is the spa operated by a Korean Boss. Honestly, there are a lot of Korean running business in Cebu. A lot of Students learning English in Cebu and therefore the place developing these days. I Flied with Cebu Pacific, the budget airway from Cebu and reached Cebu around 4am ...   >.<''   What can I do in this hour? I can't even check in to the hotel .. Luckily someone came out with a great idea, Massage !! We have our very first body massage in Cebu for 2 hours right after departure. We took a cab from the airport to Cebu City and cost about sgd$6+  for a 30minutes ride.

Look at those Colorful Vans, they are Cebu Busses. I didn't take any bus during my Cebu trip as I still prefer Taxi ~

Tree Shade Spa is well renovated, and the staffs are well trained. They provide a very comfortable and reliable place for us to relax during the massage. They have individual and couple room available. The price for 2 hours Body Massage cost about sgd$15 ( before my 10% discount ) . Price consider expensive for local but super Cheap for tourist. There are a lot of Korean Customers here , basically those who study English in Cebu.

Cleaned my feet with warm water

2 hours Massaged finished
and I fall asleep >v<  

Haha, asking Tip 
I gave 500pesos for tipping , about $1.50

After the massage, we walked to the Cebu IT Park which located nearby Tree Shade Spa. It was 6am+ in the morning but the day was bright! I saw a lot of people walking here and there in IT Park ready for their work. A lot of 24 hours Call Centre located in IT Park.

Someone brought me to the Local Fast Food - Jollibee . I found that their Spaghetti is so Yummy! A set comes with the Spaghetti , a piece of fried chicken and a Pineapple juice.

Super Tasty !
I miss it already ...

Then the 24 hours coffee shop, Starbucks. My favorite ! Haha, I can't stop myself to visit a different Starbucks store from different country . 

We grabbed a coffee here and took a rest as the time is still super early , 7am +

The third store that I visited was Krispy Kreme !! I love Krispy Kreme and especially as it does not exist in Singapore T_T   I have no idea why ... It selling in Korea, Malaysia ,Thailand and Cebu, but not Singapore ...

I bought half dozen of donuts for my friends in Cebu. And the staffs were so kind treat us 2 donuts for Free ~ One thing I Love about Cebu is ... The people always smiling and bright, I can feel myself welcomed whenever they greet me happily.

Tree Shade Spa Promotions up to 70% :

Tree Shade Spa address: Salinas Dr., Cebu City, Cebu 6000, Philippines
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Promotion end by 31 December 2012.


Tree Shade Spa address: Punta Engaño Road  Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
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Promotion end by 31 December 2012.


Anonymous said...

nice post and sharing
will consider going for massage at cebu

btw can I ask regarding your camera

is this current camera better than your old GF3? do you mind sharing the good and bad of this EPL compare to GF3?


cause me thinking of upgrading my camera also

Nemesis said...

Let me answer on behalf of the lovely lady...

Think she is using the OMD-EM5... and that is pretty fantastic.

There are almost no disadvantages... well except for the cost that is :/

imchacha said...


Thank you for the comments!
Yes, Nemesis is correct! I changed my camera twice,
from GF3 > EP3 > OMD now.

I will share it with you if you wish, regarding the review on 3 of these cameras ^^

by the way, the OMD, is super fantastic !!! Nemesis you are totally correct! =)

Unknown said...

when will u go back here in philippines?

Unknown said...

when will u go back here in philippines?

Unknown said...

Do you have a facebook cha?

Unknown said...

Do you have a facebook cha?

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