( Cebu ) My Beutiful Holiday ~ Shangri-La's Mactan Resort & Spa

Extremely fall in love with the bluish sky, the transparent sea and the fine sands in Cebu. It has been a long time I didn't travel to a beach. I went for a 4days 3nights trip to Cebu last week. It was so Awesome, totally out of my expectation. This is my first time travel to Philippine and the country is Stunning! I thought the country is not so safe and the place is slightly outdated or no fun, but I found that I was wrong ...

The people here are friendly, always greeting with a bright smile.. The food here is simply tasty, the supermarket here is so great as they sell variety of snacks and drinks and Most important thing is...
Everything in Cebu is sooooooo CHEAP!!  Can you imagine, full body Thai massage for 2 hours was just sgd $8  ~ I can't wait to share my post asap... HAHA

We went to Shangri-La's Resort in Mactan Island early in the morning by taxi from Cebu City.The taxi fares was about sgd $8 for 30minutes ride. It is a little pricy if you going to stay at this resort, about sgd$ 200+ after 40% discount ( they having a promotion now ), but if you just going to use the resort facilities for day time, you may get their day pass at around sgd $30+

The staff was so sweet welcoming us at the entrance with her bright smile

Breakfast Time

There were a lot of Korean & Japanese in the resort

In the Lift

The Balcony 

The Resort serves Fresh Mangoes!
I love Mango, super sweet ~

My friend's daughter,
Yuna Hwang
She is a mix baby ( Korean + Philippine )

The view from the Balcony
Blue + Green = super relaxing

Did my Pedicure in Cebu for just sgd $6

Tanning under the Sun?  XD

My Danbo with me

On my way to the beach

I jump !!! 
Love the cloudy sky ...

What am i doing =.=''
Trying to jump but seems failed..


A Special area for the kids to build their sand castle

I feel super Relax when I look at this Photo
love beach ~ 

Don't you think the Diving equipment look like the Penguins ?

For Divers ...
You will see these if you dive here ..

on my way back to the pool

I was so happy playing with the kids..
or should I say : playing like a kid ? XD

Heading to the Bubbles on Left hand side

~ Peace ~

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Shangri La's MActan Resort & Spa 


Anonymous said...

Nice sharing

Anonymous said...

i have a picture of this beautiful island

Before i plan to go there. It's really great.

i love your blog

and btw, the mango in your photos looks really delicious

and really want a bite

imchacha said...

Haha thanks for your comment^^
yes the mango super sweet!
and I wish to see your sharing too! next time posts one photos !! thanks for loving my blog^^

Anonymous said...

Never thought blogging could be soo fun and interesting. Man you know how to do it brother.

Anonymous said...

wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.

imchacha said...

^^ welcome and thanks for support ..
I will keep sharing ~hehe