Whitening secret~ Lancome + Lemon .. =.=''

99% of us, the ladies in Asia.. wanna be fairer and fairer..
Even if you are fair enough, but you definitely worry about the pigmentations and dark spot ..
Therefore, there are a lot of Whitening Solution in the market..

I love to buy new skin care and try on my face last time, but end up used twice and left it on the table 
or some of them gave to friends..   ( wasting money huh ?! )
I love to discover new things hehehe , curious lah!!

" Frances, do you heard about Lancome? "
" I'm using Lancome currently , it is good on me ! "
" But I keep thinking that this brand is for those over 30 ? "
" No lah.. their products is not only for women over 30 "
" I believe that is true after Emma Watson be the Advertising Artist for Lancome "


The Effectiveness of Artist ~!

The Whitening serum BLANC EXPERT Derm-Crystal - Lancome
I bought this from their Lancome kiosk in Isetan and they have a Promotion that time,
Buy $200 and get a 9 pcs travel size for FREE, hehe..

I bought their Balnc expert serum at $179 and the Make up remover at $45 

Their products are Awesome!!!      

1) Blanc Expert 
Serum type and you will found that your face start to bright and tone up after few days.
A little sticky after you apply on your face but getting better after awhile.
I will always put on a sheet of mask or sleeping mask pack after this serum for better result.

2) UV sunblock 
I tried few sunblock before but bad impression ... Sticky + oily is the image of sunblock for me.
But the Beautician always advice me to use sunblock as we facing the sun,the indoor light and even the computer always, therefore i started to have some pigmentation on my face! OMG!
Start to use this Lancome travel size Sunblock and i found that, it is great! Never sticky and oily like previous experienced. Recommend!

3) Make up remover (Eye & Lips )
Previously i used the normal cheap cheap make up remover by a Japan brand bought from Watson.
And i found that my skin is red and sensitive every time right after the make up remover.The small red
dots appeared and felt itchy. Then Samantha keep telling me about how good is the Lancome make up remover ( she using the one for face -without oil ) And honestly, it is good and never make my skin sensitive like before ^^

Visible result in just 2 weeks.. 
same room , same light , same timing for the photos 
( no editing or filter for both )


As my skin always in Dull color , Yellowish i should say..   T_T
I try my best to make my skin fairer like a baby... 

I would like to share another Whitening way >.<''
This is actually start from Samantha Thong last week, and i read some post in the internet teaching the same way for whitening the whole body... 

Dang Dang ! it's   LEMON  

1: Get a Lemon and squeeze all the juice out .
2: Mix the Lemon juice with 1.5 liter of Mineral water ( Not Hot water please )
3: Drink it as normal mineral water that u drink everyday 

* Keep doing this for 1 month and you will start to realize the different *

the Lemon Water helps ...
( Information from internet )

-Neutralizing environmental damage 
-Hydrating and nourishing 
-Fighting wrinkles 
-Pore cleansing

Let's Fight Ladies !! Let's be fairer and fairer like a SNOW white !!! 

ChaCha's note:  if you are hardworking enough to put on a Mask daily , 
you will deserve a Better skin for sure ^^


stanley said...

give u a thumb~ :-) nowadays even guys also care their skin... this article is useful not only for girls but for guys as well~

Anonymous said...

you're so sexy charlene

imchacha said...

Haha thanks stanley ~ ya i think so... i like fair guys too ahahahah

imchacha said...

Thanks.. btw .. who are u ?

Anonymous said...

ur latest fan =) ... hope to see more and more of your pretty pictures

imchacha said...

Thanks .. My fans <~ haha..
Will try my best to get more better picture soon ^^

stanley said...

oh ic... but u sure dun like your bf whose skin is whiter than u rite?

Anonymous said...

nice. looking at you everyday makes my day

imchacha said...

haha thanks^^

Weinnie said...

tat's really nice...i'm an sk-2 user. i guess i should change too. hehe.

imchacha said...

oh, i see. iused sk2 the whitening serum before,but for me not so obviously have effect.
but so far im still using the miracle water ^^ lolx coz my skin always dry >.<''
good try ~ lets share your feeling after u use^^