(Marina Bay Sands) One of the best Kimchi soup in singapore..

I love Kimchi soup ~ ahahaha
Keep checking the Kimchi soup around Singapore and end up i found this   <3

This is located in Marina Bay Sands food court - Rasapura..
Some people may ask :" Huh? Food court ? nice meh ?? "
Seriously , it is NICE ~
So far, this is one of the Best Kimchi soup i had in Singapore...
Not so salty but tasty ^^

The food court is just located beside the MBS ice rink ..
a lot of western having their ice skating here..

Seems like spicy ?
but it is just normal spicy  ~ 
As usual, Kimchi + mushroom + rice cake + pork belly inside the Kimchi soup
Real yummy and i can eat all the rice ^^
Price is about $12 .. a bit higher than usual Food court price..
but Quality higher too >v<

Next time i'm going to try the Indian food here ..
As i saw many western and foreigner buying the Roti Prata @v@..
and someone found Philippine's food too :p

After the dinner..
Having my drink in Java Detour .. >> Click here <<  to see the previous sharing on this Store^^
Love their friendly services and the environment ~ 
Good for photo shooting too as the Light was bright hehe >v<

End sharing ... for a simple Friday ^^
Love my hair length right now ..
but anyone have any suggestion, what color should i change?
Looking to change a new hair color ^^''

someone will appear and telling me : "it's okay, i feel that it is okay for me .."


Anonymous said...

hey chacha,
if you wanna try filipino cuisine, try:
Address: 35 Kreta Ayer Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6222 6676
must-try--sisig, pork knuckle, kare kare (ox tail with peanut sauce), pork belly sinigang (sour-ish soup)
dessert: leche flan (like a custard) with caramel soup.and ur gonna fall in love with the ripe mango shake (philippine mango-is naturally sweet).
btw--iAgree! love this length on you!

imchacha said...

WOW! luwiness.. Great info from u!
I love Knuckle!! i ate once before in Marche..
I love to try again in other places!!!
next time i will go and have a post here to share with all ...
heheheheh thanks so much!! ^^
and ..thanks to agree the hair length ahahahahahahah

Eriol Loh said...

which camera u use for blogging???
u look nice!!!!!

imchacha said...

Hi Eriol ^^ thx for coming ^^
I'm using Lumix GF 3 ..
Hope u follow my blog hehe

stanley said...

recommend johor korean food restaurant...
heard this from my friend but i still hvn been there yet... XD

imchacha said...

Haha great ^^
If I Will go to jb , I will try this out ..
Thanks Stanley for sharing too^^