( Japan - Part 4 ) My sweet moment in Japan

Warning: You will gain at least 2 KG if you travel to Japan ...
Advice: Please prepare some calories block ( i bought mine from Fancl ) and the slimming pants

During my trip, i ate a lot... honestly , really a lot ..
Even the convenient store like 7-11 or Lawson .. you can easily get the nice dessert >v<

Ding Ding ~ this is the Soy sauce mochi from 7-11...
i found the same dessert in Singapore before nearby the foodcourt in ION..
This is good taste and cost around sgd$3-4 ... 
please share it with someone else ,if u eat all of this u will feel full and end up you can't eat anymore..

Let's try on the new Hair curler before went out from hotel..
Advice to the girls... if you want to buy a hair curler or straightener machine,
Strongly recommend to buy in Japan as the price is cheaper and the Quality definitely better ~
I bought this 2 in 1, can function both straight and curl around $80
And this is able to use with the adapter from power cod or using the gas tube for the outdoor usage..
So far i didn't use the gas yet ..
but really love this because it is using Steam air to heat up your hair..
therefore your hair never feel over burned or dry after doing some stylish

Stepped out from hotel.. weather was so Cold..
Had this Udon from a small restaurant .. Using auto machine to buy ticket also ..
The udon was nice T.T ..
No matter which store u step in, the food also well done for you >.<

Have a walk in some shopping malls ..
And this wooden place is the MUJI in japan.. they selling a lots of the things.. even furniture >v<

Elegant design on this store...
Samantha Thavasa.. if you love it, You should buy in Japan...

Hi- tea in this cute western style Japanese restaurant ..
Fusion :p
Love their pizza.. thin crust with tomatoes and cheese~
And their mango parfait ...!!!!!
is really Really REALLY NICE!!!!!
The best mango dessert i ever had!
Mango + cream + berry + banana + cheese cakes...
Perfect match !!!  <3

A lots of the students and teenagers here..
Saw some cute girls :p

Look at my face..getting chubby and chubby !!
but how can i reject all the temptation here ?!
Caramel cup with my Flower tea ^^

Dinner time!!
Finally .. Toriyaki is up !!
Something special and expensive >.<

Look at this...
How many chef inside this small "kitchen" to prepare the food...
I guess their business is really good and .. honestly.. the Toriyaki was GREAT!
but too expensive for me... ate few stick for $50 bucks =.='' 

I realized.. there are a lots of vending machine in Japan!!
You can find many items selling in the vending machine..
such as: sweets,ice-cream,bowling shoes,drinks,coffee,newspaper,cigarets etc


Took some sticker photo hahahaha~
They have the big eyes effect, can u see that >?! lol

Passed by the seafood restaurant.. the outlook really attract me..
Feel so traditional style ~

Haha bought this for my supper ~!!!
This is cute macaron type dessert from Shibuya >v<
A choco flavor and the Earl grey tea flavor ~

Ready to go back today ..
Passed by top shop and i bought a black dress at $50 .. 
And they have their Spring season stocks here ^^
Colorful ~

This is the Premium Egg pudding that you can get ..
And the pudding was so Smooth and yummy!
You should try this as well, easily found at the subway station ~
Choose the premium one..they will give away the pudding in a clay cup ^^

Nameraka Pudding

The Vending machine " along the street " 

Travelled in the NEX train to the airport.. and i bought Haagen-Dazs from 7-11 ..
Enjoy the sweet moment anytime in JAPAN!
Sad thing was.. i will miss their food so much after get back to S'pore..

There is some GOLD flakes on the ice cream @.@' can eat ??!
Then i reached airport.. saw McD... lolx..
Got my very first Maple Custard Pie ! It was Freaking YUMMY!!!!
I regret that i didn't buy 2 >.<''

Then after checked in to the waiting lounge ..
Had my very last sushi dinner here..
Price slightly expensive compare to the town.. but the quality still as good as from the town ~

My in-Flight dinner before i fall asleep =.=''
Am i the PIG?? keep eating and sleeping T_T

The doraemon that i bought for Shirleen..
Is actually a small scarf inside.. i didn't realize that lolx...

The mochi and some snacks from Japan..
I'm so silly =.='' i start buying these snacks in the town and carry to airport ..
Actually they do selling in Airport as well..
Price is almost similar..
Advice those who going to buy the mochi and snacks as souvenir , please
buy it in Airport and save your energy + time >.<''

finally END...
I will never be lazy after a trip so that i can remember all the things during the trip ..lolxx

ChaCha's note after this Japan trip:
1) You will hardly find a Dustbin on the street .. you need to keep your rubbish until you go back to your hotel and throw it  >.<''  But their country is so Clean even no dustbin.. 
therefore don't simply get brochure or flyer on the street unless you understand Japanese writing

2) You can eat and drink inside the Public transport , therefore get yourself a drink before traveling.

3) They hardly understand English , you can try to download some Language APP with your iphone to help you during the trip.

4) Eat as much as you can and try all of their food , im sure you never regret !

5) Ladies, please buy the Stocking that can cover from your stomach to your toe, and it really help you take care of your body shape since you going to eat alot.. ( better prepare some calories off also lol )

6) You hardly get Wifi unless your hotel providing .. >.< 
( i paid for the Wifi in my hotel )


stanley said...

nice tips for traveling... would you like to tell about how much the budget should prepare to spend at Japan?

imchacha said...

oh ya..sure ^^
will share the info soon ^^
i hope many people can plan well and go ^^

vendor machine said...

Such a lovely article, I really enjoyed that so thanks for sharing that important one with us...!

imchacha said...

thanks Vendor ^^
Thank you so much for your comment and support ~i wish to share more and more ^^

Anonymous said...

Very very good article. I travel frequent to Japan too, and it's amazing.

Looks like you really enjoyed the trip! 日本すごいですね??

imchacha said...

Hey Shawn,

Thanks for coming...
Yes i miss my japan trip T_T