are you able to Multitask ?!

          * Image from Chichinote - Taiwan's cute 2D designer *

" Hey, what do you want to eat ? "
...........    waiting for 2minutes    ..............

" What you want to eat for dinner ? "
Someone was just busy tapping on the iPhone without an answer ...
After 3 minutes ..

" Hey, is this nice ? "
Silent as usual ...

Not sure whether anyone face this situation before. When you talking to someone, 
and the someone didn't reply you but concentrating on other thing...
At the very beginning, I feel ignored and feel angry ... 
Am i talking to the wall or to the air ? Then I felt no mood and just want to be silent.

But after a "well communication" , I realized that some people really cannot MultiTask..
When they doing something , they can't hear you even you are talking beside their ears..
hahahaha ... therefore , i start to accept and understand .. 

For example.. 
When my brother watching the Drama in his room, he got no feeling at all no matter how loud my mum shouting his name behind him ( in the same room ).. end up my mum will need to touch his shoulder and "wake" him up ... then he realize someone calling him.. I can feel that he pay full attention on the Drama ..

Do you actually believe that ...

 "  Ladies can MultiTask well , but Man can't ..   "
Man usually can focus only in one thing but 
Ladies can actually Doing few things at the same time...  Hahaha...    
but not mean that ladies can Luv few man in the same time!

* * *   END topic  * * *

A Strawberry Sorbet fulfilled with Luv on my table  <3

A green Apple in company ^^ 
I Luv White outfits >v<


HevnBoyz said...

technology brings everyone closer....I'm starting to doubt this phrase ever since the 1st iphone is out. Used to talk, gossips and enjoy the moment together, but now everyone is just so busy with their phones or tablets everywhere they go.

I notice the only time i can't multitask is when I'm having deep thought while walking. lol, I remember when my friend and I were shopping in KL, while walking to Pavillion I suddenly enter deep thought mode and they got so angry coz I ignored them. Lesson learned.

imchacha said...

haha, yalo,sometimes even myself..
im too concerntrating on the thinking and someone talk to me i will reply with delay...
but trying to not let other people feel ignored again hahahaha