( Japan - Part 3 ) I am the Shopping Queen !! Shopping Heaven in Shibuya + Shinjuku

I knew.. It's been long time ... to "born" this post out ...
Today I met my 2 little cute colleagues in company , asking me about the next trip >.<''
And sorry for the delay haha... because I'm trying to complete the Korea trip before i forgot T_T

" Hey I read your post regarding the Japan trip and you stated  To be continue... , but it's been long 
time waiting for the updates.. "

ahahahaha , i can't stop myself to laugh out loudly and 
feel extremely happy because   she read my blog!!!
Alright, Let's continue the Japan post today ... 
( so Paiseh as this Japan trip was 2 months ago .. lolx )
Let's start with ...    JILL STUART   <3

I guess every girl will crazy for their Princess packaging + design..
Look at their shop.. A well matching store decoration with their products..
Because of Samantha's request , 
" Hey Cha, please help me buy the eye lashes curler from jill Stuart .. "
Helping her to get what she want .. and helping myself to get something I may need ^^
Actually i seldom put on make up =.='' ( because lazy + worry about skin condition )
But end up i bought myself the Eye lashes curler and their Special edition Blusher <3 <3 <3

Their theme color is pink peach... so as their cosmetic ..
The blusher , lip gloss everything in sweet color..
Many girls in the store and their staff were friendly and sweet ^^
ps: Japanese girl really put on THICK make up >.<''
 There are a lot of display and tester on the shelf that you can try on ~

Walking on the Shibuya street .. a Lot of the building with colorful banner
A lot of people crossing the road..
And my eye keep checking on the Japanese's girl ... hahaha
Wanna see how they wear and how they put on make up 
:p I'm always curious about how to be Prettier ! lol

In Japan   In Tokyo  In Shibuya .. a MUST go shopping HEAVEN is...
Shibuya 109 !!!!!!   I am CRAZY there !!!!
the whole building... unlimited shopping with different fashion style and design..
if u familiar with Japanese fashion,u must be familiar with VIVI magazine..
They have a lot of VIVI's recommended store here.. 
Dazzling, Liz Lisa , Samantha Vega, Samantha Thavasa ... etc

Look at the sales girl ...
You will able to see a lot of the sales assistant here in 109 , Just like the Model in Magazine!!
They really well dressed ! the hair the make up the outfit ..everything!
Perfect for  a Photo shooting ^^
But..seems a bit tired if gonna dress up like this everyday =.=''

Talking about their Samantha Vega & Samantha thavasa..
Lovely princess design always appear in VIVI magazine..
They have the store located in Orchard , Singapore too ... but if you love these..
I will STRONGLY recommend you to buy in Japan as it is SO much cheaper compare to SG.
For example, singapore selling a bag around $500+ , but they selling the bag around $200+

And there are a lot of dessert and crepe store.. you will easily find one on the street or inside
the mall... Try their dessert and you will never regret T_T
Everything that can be eat in Japan....is GREAT!

After get out of the building ...
Found a street and ...
This is the Ramen that Alfred strongly recommended me before i went to Japan,
He repeated at least 10 times telling me ..  " The Ramen is so DAM nice !! you know ?? "
I never know of course... until i tried it..

Oh my God!!! it's the BEST ramen  i ate before >v<
You MUST try this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
100% recommend!   一蘭拉麵 ~
They have a lot of branches located in different places...

After get into the store, you need to buy their Ramen ticket with the Vending machine..
Choose the ramen and any side dishes that you wanted to add...
And then the staff will bring you to the seat that available...
The seat designed as single seat ... then you can fully concentrate in their nice Ramen

After get your seat, the staff inside the kitchen will pass you a paper,
To let you customize your Ramen!!! 
Their Ramen is so special because..
first : you can customize your ramen as what you want
second: is because their secret sauce in the Ramen
therefore, i will strongly recommend again ,
when you customizing your Ramen, please circle at least "Regular" or "Double"
for the secret sauce..
It's just Fantastic ^^

Checking on the iPhone for the store locator..
There is a Burberry Blue label here..
hehehe , this is MUST buy if you go to Japan..
because Burberry blue label only able to get in Japan .. and their price is slightly cheaper compare
to a  Burberry .. because this is a sub-brand.. 
If you have a budget and willing to get a branded, you can think about this..
Love their casual and easy matching design ^^

The bag that i bought was leather handle and canvas material.. nice color and it's 
convenient for me as i can make it 2 different shapes.. if you put a lot of things you can make it bigger like a tote bag .. it cost me about $400+ but they can directly deduct tax here if you able to show them your passport, and after tax discount will be around $380..

Dessert everywhere!
And that time when i travelled there is beginning of february,
They are crazy for Valentine selling on cookie or choco ..
Seems a big DAY in Japan... <3

During Dinner time..
Was so hungry shop whole day .. and then simply found a restaurant near Shinjuku..
I love sushi... hehehehe

This sushi store is the Best during my trip..
All of the staff here were so Professional and the environment was so cosy and comfortable..
They talking and kidding and keep laughing ~
I can feel their happiness and I'm fully enjoy my sushi ^^
They were so FRESH >v< 
OMG!!! I miss JAPAN!!!!!

After the dinner...
I found this game centre nearby and start putting 100Yen for the cute toy ~
hahaha I played a lot! it's so easy to get the toy compare to SG one!
( always feel that this kind of machine trying to cheat money =.='' )
but Japan one is really EASY!!!!

Jiang Jiang !!! See how many i got !?!!?   Victory !!!
I think i spent about 1800Yen for 6 toys ...
heheheh they are so cute!!! And all of my friends was crazy asking me ..
" Hey Cha, can you give me one please ??! "

After the Game centre.. 
Passed by this GREEN TEA dessert store.. How can i let this go?!
I can't reject any Green tea taste dessert T_T
I Luv Green Tea ~muahahahahah
The right hand side green tea jelly cake was really Really REALLY chewy !!!!!!

Erm... is it too much for today ?!
Girl always think that : I worried that I won't easily come to Japan again! 
and maybe i won't have a chance to buy something that I like ! 

Lolx... end up .. spent a lot in Shopping ~ btw , i was so happy with this experience..
But I think next time i will think twice, try to not get something similar in my 2 wardrobes T_T
As usuall, someone going to tell me ..

" Hey , Please imagine the 2 wardrobes in your room... Fully occupied now !! "

To Be Continue ....


Choi Yen said...

Omg Charlene.. You made me wanna go Japan so so muchhhhhh hahahaha

imchacha said...

hahaha...Anne!!! you are here too!!!
Me too..miss Japan sooo much! wana go again la...please arrange a trip !!

HevnBoyz said...

my gawd those sushi! T___T so hungry noo.... Are UFO catchers in Japan easier to grab? The case looks fully loaded. Or issit another money eater machine like we have in msia, spore and brunei?

imchacha said...

ahahahah ~ I miss Japan too~the sushi killing me T_T

HevnBoyz said...

lol sorry, i overlook u mentioned its easy on the UFO catchers

imchacha said...

lol...ya~very easy^^