( Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery ) Super Relaxing Hi-Tea with ART

Do you still remember that i bought the voucher for Painting before ..
hehehe .. This is the place I going to have the painting class.
But actually i try to ring them twice last week,nobody pick up the phone call..
End up i went to them and book my Painting class appointment ^^
Then, have a break and Hi-Tea here ..  
( one of my favourite places for a Tea )

Their seats are comfortable..
I went here for Blythe Doll gathering Last year .
Really enjoy the environment here, Staff were friendly, Food and drink were nice..
Magazines available here for reading and killing time..
Place was cosy and behind the seat there is the View of Orchard Road ^^

The Open style kitchen and Bar ..

The staffs are so cute ! When I taking the photo they are just posing and be ready for the
picture... lolx..  Picture is allowed here .. U can take as many as u like...    =)

The salmon Prata wrap ^^  
Selling at $7.90 
Yummy heheheeh~ They have different choices on the filling..
Beef, Chicken breast , Salmon ...etc

The Lychee Ice Tea 
love the Lychee taste .. with a complimentary of Cookies & Rice cake 
$11 for this tea set

The Painting Room is located right beside this Hi-Tea place..
Dang Dang ~ All the Canvas painting board are ready on the racks..

The class started ...

Do you like ART ?  Do you like Painting  ?
or ...   Do you like Hi-Tea ??
Let's Jamming with me !!!   ahahahaha


stanley said...

yeah i like~ but too bad i'm in KL now... XD

imchacha said...

hahaha next time la~

Anonymous said...

your 1st picture is really nice and sweet. and not to mention sexy

imchacha said...

Thanks hahahah ^^ Glad that u came again ~