( Japan-Tokyo ) Preparation ~ Expenses ~ Places ~

I went for my Tokyo trip 2 months ago, there were some friends asking me about traveling to Japan.
I went to Japan on 1st of February 2012, Winter season ( - 4 degree ) It was Super Duper Cold!
Let's summary out the Preparation now ~     =)


1. Flight Ticket 
I bought the Promotion Air Ticket by Singapore Airline (SQ) at around $630 direct + return.
I always check the latest promo airfare with Misa Travel s'pore <click me> , And sometimes 
you will able to get those flight tickets cheaper than the Budget airways.. Hehe

2. Accommodation 
I booked my Hotel from Agoda.com  <click me>  . I guess everyone heard about 
Agoda before and they actually providing Hotel deals among the world. Good thing is, you can earn points after each booking and gather the point to convert to USD dollar, therefore spend the dollar for your next booking . Hehe ... Win Win ... 
My hotel in tokyo was :  Nishi-Shinjuku Hotel Mystays   
Price is about $100-140. nearby to Shinjuku Shopping district and JR train station.

Check if you need a Visa to Japan. I'm a Malaysian therefore i need to apply the Visa to Japan.
As i knew, Singaporean no need to get visa if travel to Japan.
The Visa is free of charge, but i pass it to the travel agency to help me arrange and collect,
therefore i pay $30 for the handling and service fees. And visa application took me about 3-5 working days. 

4. Universal Adapter
Usually i didn't bring mine as I believe that Hotel provide this for sure .. ahahaha
My hotel provided this that time after i asked for it. But if you have extra devices such as 
iPhone iPad Camera Laptop etc... you can prepare 1 Universal adapter for yourself.
You can even use it in the airport while waiting for flight .

5. Japanese Yen
You can change your money in your country before you go . 
( There is a money changer in Bugis have good rates )
In case that you reach Japan airport lately or you worry about you hardly get
a money changer there.If you have Citibank credit or debit card, I will advice you to swipe 
your card there when you shopping in Japan as Citibank always have good rates as well.
Then you no need to bring too much cash.


Is the food expensive in Japan?
- The price is similar as in Singapore. A ramen may cost about sgd $8-15 
- The sushi restaurant selling each sushi at around $3 
- There is a Kaiten Sushi restaurant 迴轉壽司 and selling sushi with lower price
( about $1.50-$2 per plate )

Is the transport expensive in Japan?
- Basically you will need to take the train during your trip , if 1-3 station will cost you around $3-4
- The express train from Narita airport to the city will cost about $50-70
check the rates here  >> JR Nex -Narita Airport to Shinjuku <<
- For my 5 days trip , the transport expenses cost me about $270 ( including both way Airport Express)

How much is the Disney entrance fee?
- I went only Disney sea this time and the entrance fee cost about $98-$100
check their official website here > Tokyo Disney 
- With the 1 day pass, you can ride all the attraction inside Disney Sea
- The food they selling  is usual price as well , a bread may cost $3/ a noodle may cost $10
- Disney Sea MUST buy - Duffy doll... i bought my Duffy key chain at $18

How much i should bring $$ ?
- I always estimate my daily spent , imagine if 1 day i'm going to spend 
$60 for 3 meals + $20 for transportation, My budget for 1 day is about $80
- Count your budget and count the day you stay in Japan, if you going to stay for 5 days..
5 x $80 = $400 cash you need.
- Bring $300-400 extra if you worry that you need to spend more
- Always remember, you can use Visa or Master card, therefore you won't need
to bring tons of cash and end up over spend .. hehe

Do I need to bring dictionary ?
- Not really. I didn't bring
- you can download some Language translation or dictionary APP in your iPhone/iPad/iPod
- but seriously they can't understand even simple English .. 
( Except the Disney, they well trained to understand English ^^ )

Where to go in Tokyo:

- Shinjuku  新宿
- Shibuya   渋谷
- Harajuku  原宿
- Ikebukuro  池袋

Theme Park:
- Disney Land
- Disney Sea
- Toshimaen


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