( Korea - Part 5 ) Busan ~ Biggest Department store & Beautiful beach.. "Shinsegae + Haewoondae"

Haewoondae beach @ Busan 

" Busan ~ I'm coming !!! "  Pulling my heavy luggage happily ..
Took the express train from Seoul ---> Busan . ( 90 minutes by Express Train)
* should be 160 minutes haha thanks Sean *
When I heard about Busan at the very first time, i felt that ...
" huh.. countryside ah ?? "
I'm only interested in Seoul or  Jeju Island ... other than that, I have no idea =.=''

Outside the Busan station ..

First meal in Busan was this..
Pu-Dae chi gae  부대찌개  ( chi gae = soup = 湯 )
I always eat Korean food in S'pore , but never try this before..
First time tried this out and ... totally  Fall in Love <3

Look at the soup.. Milky white bone soup they pouring to this big pot ...
But end up the soup is RED color!!!!

This is really Really REALLY Yummy !!!!!
Feel like a bit pot of Kimchi soup ..
with potatoes and Onions ..
Then noodle + Meat !!!!  My favorite ^^

Dang Dang ... My second Hotel in Korea !!
Look at the big window ~ what is that ??!!
SEA view !!!   what a big surprised!!!  And this hotel is New renovated ...
Love the comfortable environment .. ( Price is slightly expensive lolx High class High class =.='' )

I just wanna shout out loudly ..
" I'm really LOVE wooden Floor la !!!! "
Feel so comfort , tidy and new .. The VIEW is killing me ...
Blue Ocean ... and the 2 Levels bridge ...

When i'm happily rolling in the Hotel ..
Someone just nagging me to go out have a walk .. =.=''
why why why ? where to go in this small little town ??!
" There is a Biggest department store here .. "  
" Biggest in Busan ? "
" No No.. "
" Ahhh, Biggest in Korea ? "
" No No.. "
" Eh? Biggest in Asia ???! "
" No ! Biggest in the World !! "

What ?!?!??!   Biggest department store in the world located in this tiny small country side ?
Sorry Busan ... I should not think that way anymore... >.<''

Have some FUN here...
Drinking the Smoothie King Fruit blended..
And here is the big Book store..

Apple !!!!

Then went to their Hyper market ..
Shocked me ! Because they selling Plants and Animals!!!!
Eh ? What animal ? They selling Fish and Bird!!   =.=''
But the Market is Clean and tidy .. someone told me that ..
" This is the place where Rich people shops usually .. "


Their Birds are WELL trained to Look at the Camera !!

The Heaven of 
Instant Noodle !!!!
I wish I can move all back to S'pore ...  >v<''

Snacks too =.=''

The Soju !!! 好怒啊!because..
Soju selling in Singapore at least $15 per bottle,
but in Korea just $1.80 ?????
Usually someone will appear and say :
" It's not your business la.. you never drink Soju what .."

Wow !! Big and Fresh Strawberries here..
LOVE <3 the strawberries in Korea..
Juicy Juicy and sweet , Never sour like ours!!!
100% sweet !!!!

Great Taste Eat Fresh !
Yeah .. My dinner was the Super Duper Tasty Chicken from this store!!!!

Look at this ...   >v<''
every time i look at this i will shout ~!
I miss Busan !!!!

My JUICY strawberry .. really really satisfied!!!
Ate all of these and .. Slept zzZZZ
( omg Gaining a lot of weight )

  The next morning ..
The Breakfast Buffet .. 
Haha feel like my company's breakfast bar..

Stepped out of the Hotel and I can easily see this 2 Buildings beside my Hotel..
I was wonder.. are they the Office Building ??
Looks so Trendy .. lolx
but someone told me unacceptable answer...
" These are the Apartment ..The residential houses "

Haewoondae Beach ...
Winter Time , 5 degree but Sunny day beside the beach ~
My feeling was .. Unique & Nice !!
really Sunny ... usually we will sweat at the beach with Big Sun!
But that day was special for me..
weather was cold!  ahahaha   so nice la !!
Who said that beach is only for Summer ?!

I wonder.. what is this pose =.=''

Sea gulls !!
Really feel good as i never see this in Singapore's beach !

Ahaha i took this photo and ..
Feel like the Cover page for New album ..
( =.='' but they were just passed by  .. haha )

Look at this... The bird looking at camera too!!!
Or I should say ..
All the birds in Korea are well trained for Photo shooting ! 

Do you know what is this?
It's a Touch screen ( so big =.='' ) Information board..
For tourist .. easier to find the way and check the location ...
Good job Korea ^^ 

Omg .. I realized that i have tons of photo to talk about Busan ..
at the same time ..   Frances whispering to me..

" No ~~~~ Chacha, Please Split it out ! Don't post everything in the same Post !! "

hahahah ... There you go ...

To BE Continue ....


stanley said...

i guess those korean restaurant should give u a VIP title next time since u describe their food until so delicious~ poor me... a reader who is eating own cook simple dishes while facing your those delicious food... T.T

imchacha said...

ahahaha same as me..
didn't eat my dinner today ... and found very happy that i gaining more and more readers now..
thanks stanley again..i almost can see u here everyday ^^
clap clap **

stanley said...

haha.... u no need diet already... should eat more so you can tell more about what you eat.. nobody interest to know how to starve ok? :-P
waa... i should congratz you for this... seems ur blog has become the "spiritual food" for them also...
hmmm... yahor... no matter sun will set sea will dry i also here... u think should i make a bit changing of my style like at least changing a hairstyle so u will no boring seeing my pic showing here everyday? :-P

imchacha said...

Lol !!! No need to change ur hairstyle haha..
I wish to see the same u here everyday >v<

stanley said...

haha... sure bo~ i not handsome wor~ if not change my hairstyle everyday u say the same me will be boring i guess... ok ba~ juz a small change... give u a morning smile... :-)

Anonymous said...

Is it FnE ?
or via tour package ?
How much ?

Shawn said...

Seoul to Busan should be at least 160mins. :D

imchacha said...

T_T thanks Sean ... actually from beginning I'm stated 3hours...
and a korean told me, it's just take 1 and half.. then i changed ... kkkk
and now u told me about 2 and half.. yeah u are right ^^ hahaha
thanks again sean~

imchacha said...

yeah it is Free & easy tour...
it's easy..
I will list the summary out after the korea trip talk^^

imchacha said...

hahaha as long as u are here ^^
i felt the touch^^
thanks stanley hahaha ~ no need to change, that is real u^^

stanley said...

ohhh... ok... then i keep my old school lor~ ^^
well... dun worry... i will always be here give u mentally support as long as i din accidentally delete the bookmarks in my browser here... :-)

imchacha said...

Thanks stanley !!! heheheheh

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene,

Can i check with you what's the hotel name which you stay at busan? as shown in your photos posted..

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene,

May i know what's the hotel name which you stayed at Busan? As shown in your photos.

Thank you

imchacha said...

( Check in to Hanwha Resort Haeundae )