Once upon a time .. my Daily update

I love to eat ... =.=''
Thats why chubby ler ..
That day .. Have my first try in Tampopo..
Food is ok ok good  [6/10]  ..  haha XD
But their service is great ^^ always smiling when talking to you ..

Look at this..
Someone ordered the Vege Bone soup based Ramen ..
Taste is .. ok ok ~ but not so great as what i expected     :p

I ordered the Seafood Soup Ramen ..
This is Yummy ~ the seaweed and the fish was good ^^
Noodle is chewy chewy ...

Complimentary Dessert ..
I found that this is the best ...   :p
Lemon jelly~ something like 愛玉 jelly ..and Nata de coco..
Love this <3

After the meal .. had a walk and..
had some coffee ..
Mc Cafe .. 
ChaCha's favorite lol

Being invited ?!?!
I got my drink and chocolate served in Marc by Marc Jacobs..
Look at the Pink bag !! Love the color <3

Ahh !! this is CUTE right ?!
A mice shoe ... cute design ~

At the final part ...
Thank's for the people who supporting and view my blog..
The traffic was improved a lot yesterday !!!  
and i found that a lot of them from  " SG HardwareZone " forum ..
Therefore, i registered an ID there hahaha ^^

ID :  cha-cha
~ Nice to meet you all ~


stanley said...

your smile very natural... guess u quite enjoy ur day... XD

imchacha said...

Haha Stanley ^^
Ya enjoy and .. Happy la!!
U are here always lol

stanley said...

haha... sometimes u can post your feeling also here~ nobody always happy unless got something wrong on the mind... hehe... as a blogger u r free to express your feeling n u r blog for yourself not for others~ another suggestion feel free to post your feeling onto the blog~ :-)

Unknown said...

wow u r really enjoying ur life
tat red mice shoe is really cute :P
and next time i know which restaurant to eat and which is not:p

imchacha said...

yeah agree..i hope to express the feeling sometime^^
and discuss something hehe thx stanley for the useful advice again^^

Snoopy said...

Morning, how's your day?? Hard to find good Japanese Ramen these days, the taste & feel to it. Although I'm a blog reader, no blog myselfbut could try these blog:

1. http://www.akiraceo.com/
2. http://dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com/

These are from our neighbours in Malaysia, pretty funny & able to cheer u up.

One more thing: Express your feelings, be true to yourself & stay happy always.

stanley said...

good~ but dun always stay on here to post your blog... should go out walk walk more often... stay at home too long will grow spider net one... i still waiting for the "十全 Cha Cha Singapore Travel Manual" to come out leh~ dun wish to sesat as Singapore again... hehe

imchacha said...

wow! sounds a good idea...
i think it will be great for those who wanna travel to SG ..

imchacha said...

Hey snoopy ^^
thanks for your sharing ^^
i found i love the first blog u mentioned!

Yeah , i should express more feelings .. about myself .. ^^
thanks and i will live happily always ^^

stanley said...

ya... i almost feel very paiseh everytime go to the MRT station to get the MRT map until the staff almost can recognise who am i... ==

Anonymous said...

u should have tried the tonkatsu at tampopo! its really nice!

imchacha said...

ahh really? but the ramen i won't try again >.<''
hahahahahahah ~

imchacha said...

haha it's okay,next time just get one and keep in your pocket~
or download from APP ^^
but anyway,thanks stanley for keep supporting hahahaha

thx x 1000000000000000000000