( Korea - Part 1 ) My second time travel to Seoul 2012

My second time to Korea last week..
Fly with Cathay Pacific ... with their Promotion airfare $690 return ~

After  arrived to Incheon Airport,
Looking for the coffee shop that i can stay for awhile as it was 5am that day..
Get out from the custom and turn right..
I found this Jamba Juice ~ hehe 
Juice is my Favorite!! <3

Ordered their New released, The strawberry smoothies ...
It was Great!!  

The sharp and clean design ...
It's not local Store, I guess it is from Western Country ?
Someone told me that =.=

Their menu is so Creative!
The mix & match made me can't easily choose one ~
I guess if this shop available in S'pore,
it will be a Great choice for those who on Diet always...

The cosy & comfortable Resting area..

The customize Fruit smoothies ^^

Look at my Strawberry smoothies..
Love the strawberry from Korea !
Extremely Juicy and sweet

After a short break..
Ready to get a bite from this Famous Paris Baguette .. 
A Bakery + Pastries shop
Fresh Fresh sandwich ^
But the price considered a little bit expensive in Korea...

* Paris Baguette / Paris Croissant / Dunkin Donuts --->  same Boss =.='' *

But their packaging , their Food Quality & the environment of the store
was GREAT!

Fresh Squeeze Orange Juice!!!!
So fresh ^^

The Subway station...

Same as Japan, You can eat & Drink inside the train ^^
enjoy the every single minute during the journey ^^

And my Favorite : Banana Milk!!
wakakakka   >v<

While traveling in the KTX ( The Express train from Airport to Seoul )
Saw this... @@''
so pretty ~ 

Reached Seoul and my first Meal ..
As usual ,
The side dishes including Kimchi ^^

Their Kimchi Soup was so Great !!!!
Not that salty and tasty ^^
As well as the Tofu Soup ~

My sweet Korean's buddy ~
She is so cute and having lunch with me during her lunch time ^^

Taking the Subway again...
to my Hotel ~

They have the direction board to guide you ..
^^ English available hehe

Wahahahaha ~
Reach the Town ^^
Can you feel that ..all the Korean wordings...

To be continue ...


Francesss said...

Yuhoooo, updates!!! Waiting for more here~ ^^

__*Chez*__ said...

tat is amazing !! pretty, you went dre alone? backpack travelling? Btw, nice blogg ((:

imchacha said...

Thanks frances baby~ ^^ hehe will hardworking for more updates^^

imchacha said...

Yeah ~ Thanks Chez ^^ thanks for support and comment^^

HevnBoyz said...

This is amazing o.0'' after Japan then Korea... Both my dream place to visit and you went to both at 1 go... envy envy! but still, awesome post! =))

imchacha said...

hahahaha thanks Hevn^^
You can travel there also! today i saw Airasia have Big sale!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

gal do u know what is the season during early of Nov? will it very cold? coz reading from your post, not sure which month u travel to Seoul.