( Korea - Part 2 ) Blinc Blinc Night market ~ at Myeongdong street,The shopping heaven in korea

>> 明洞 <<
Woahhh ~ I love MyeongDong ! <3 
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

That's why i walked at least   7 hours x 3 days    there ...

Love the Street food, the Shops, the Lighting there..
This is a  MUST go  place for tourist !!
That's why a lots of Japanese , Taiwanese , Chinese was here..

The street food is one of their culture..
Imagine during this cold weather around 3 degree , eating the Hot stuff on the street~
Enjoy ^^

They are famous with the "Dok Bok Gi" which is the Rice cake ~
The fried prawn, fried sausage =.=''
And i Love one of their fried dessert ~
They call it " Hoot-Dok "
It's a Fried honey with sesame ..  bery very NICE!!

This is the Fresh cream Puff
I didn't try... very Big =.=''

When you think of Korea,
First thing - Kimchi 
Second thing - Cosmetic 
hahaha... many cosmetic's shop here ... and the Lighting really attractive!

Ahhh~ another street food..
This is something like "Kebab
I didn't try this too..because TOO full !

Ahaha this one, so cute ! looks like the Astronaut ..
Pure white suit + a Heart shape blinking on top ...
haha , im asking what he doing , and i guess he is promoting the Country ~
Love Korea ...   <----

I'm going to shout every time when i am here...
Because feel so so Exciting !! hehe

The poatato chips
This one i saw before in Malaysia's Night market , but they have a special one here,
Which is the chips cover the hot dog inside ...
Check the one on the right handside ... Hot dog inside hahaha

This cute little thing!!!!
I didn't buy it...
it is the iPhone cap!!
plu into the earpiece hole ...
ahahah so cute!!!!

I took this photo because..
someone told me that ..
" Hey, do you realize that all of the Mannequin in SG was same! "
Hahahah.. seriously , the Mannequin in Korea was Unique and special!!

Are u Real ??!
hahahah , the Real juice and the name is : I'm Real !
How creative and direct way to show that ..
They are the Pure Real Juice!

And I found this eye glasses shop ^^
Love all their design!!
It's really great and light !!!


Have a coffee from the convenient store..
And guess what ...
Their Starbucks Caramel Latte is just $2 !!!!!

 Many people on the street for street food ...

Another Recommended!
Krispy Kreme Donut!!
I believe this is selling in Malaysia but not in SG yet T_T
Love their original donut !!
Soooo SOft ~!!! but a bit too sweet :p

See the guy behind me ..
seems attracting ..lolx!!!!

The night is still young ...
Walk out for Dinner ~~

What ??! Eating Japanese food in Korea ?!?!?!
FuSiOn ?!!
This Saboten even able to found in SG..but i never try before..

Being Served for seat and i found this..
Eh? what is this?

Order first ... Blekk the menu ...
Temptation ~

Ahh... you need to grate this into powder ..
it is something like black pepper and sesame ..

Then pour their special soy sauce..
This is the sauce for your pork cutlet ^^


The cold noodle ..Soba ~
my favourite ...

Itadakimasu ^^
eh ?  it's korea  ~ 

Do u see the cheese ~!!!!!
<3 <3 <3

Same as usual..you can keep refill the side dishes ( the salad )
Just enter any restaurant in korea,and you will get FREE flow side dishes ^^

See this?
Guess what ?!
It's the  ICE!!!  usually if u ordering Soba,they will give u the cold soy sauce,
But in Saboten,they even serve the Soy sauce with ICE!!!
NICE one!!!!


Going back to the Hotel..
This hotel is really big and comfortable ~
Look at the toilet first ..
Love their Big Bath tub ^^

Their LCD Plasma TV ~ ^^
And do you realize the Wooden floor..
This is because they have a Heating system under the floor,
Therefore you will feel WARM stepping on the floor  even in this Cold season ^^

Jiang Jiang ~ The bedroom ~
Cosy right ??!
the bed was Comfort too ^^
Love their wallpaper and Wooden floor ...heheh

Goodstay Nobless Yeoksam Hotel 

Just only a 2 Star hotel , but i feel it was Great ^^ 
Price around $80-$110

Agoda booking Link:

To be Continue ...


Vita Soy said...

So nice~ I will definitely visit Korea if I have a chance...

Francesss said...

That was such a long blog!!!! But yet made me wanna be there sooooooooooooo much~~~

imchacha said...

Yeah u will ~for sure

imchacha said...

sorry for keep talking lol!!!
I will get your advice , to compound the photo nicely next time^^
thanks baby~

stanley said...

u seems like to travel a lot ya...

imchacha said...

hi stanley ^^
yeah,my hobby is travel ^^
always save money for traveling >.<

stanley said...

hi charlene... nice to meet u^^
i guess ur another hobbies is blogging also... XD
well... would you mind to tell me where is the place u have been went to?

imchacha said...

hi stanley ...
haha~thanks...for your comments and support again~
yeah ...
i been japan,korea,thailand,shanghai,HK,taiwan,ireland,venice,florence ... so far these countries...
i hope i can go US one day T_T

stanley said...

hi.... it's ok... i'm kinda free recently as no many coursework to be submit...
wow... u r such a great person who know how to enjoy ur life!!!
oh man... hope one day i can travel ard 10% of the percent u have been to then I satistied ady~
but why you so keen to go US? any attraction point there?

imchacha said...

haha thanks again stanley^^
i wish i can,because im OL,working 5 days a week and singapore is kinda boring,so
i like to travel here and there~
im sure u can ^^ one day u are the one who share with me^^
i wanted to go US and because so far im not really able to go yet, haha first of all is the VISA,
we have to apply visa see whether approve or not...T_T

stanley said...

u are the 1st working people among my friend who know enjoy your life...
most of my friend still complaining their boring working life plus stress...
ya... in fact i'm the hope to represent them to play whatever I can since I'm the one who are still studying... at the same times i guess i found somebody who can be the mentor on how to travel SO MANY places... @@
as I know some of the country need visa like Japan n China... but guess it should not be a problem for you to apply VISA for US also...
btw, u are singaporean?

imchacha said...

I'm not Singaporean >.< I'm Malaysian hehe ..
Ya, actually have to enjoy life ^^ then feel happier~
If keep comPlaning then wasting too much time for unhappy lol
Try my best to be happy haha..
For me still not able to go
US yet leh.. Saving money lol

stanley said...

well, I believe u are a person who are either good in financial planing
traveling for so many places is not an easy task for a people who don't have enough financial conscious
US is quite big btw, which place would u like to visit when u went there?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to Korea in this upcoming end March too! Your blog is very useful haha.

Myeongdong looks like Ximending(Taipei), street vendors and tons of clothing shops everywhere.

And your hotel is huge, especially the toilet LOL! But $80 a night is a little pricey considering the average hotel rate in Korea isn't it?

imchacha said...

thanks stanley ^^

imchacha said...

yes Myeong dong looks like Ximending in taipei haha~

If you going Korea alone, u can choose to stay in the hostel or home stay , is much more cheaper, good location and clean

kusuma husnina yusrin said...

what type of camera that you use? :o the pictures turn out really good