[Sharing] BELIF in Truth .. do you believe ? Belif Sleeping mask pack review

Found this brand  2 months ago..
Someone told me ..
 " Have you heard about this brand ? My friend is the designer for this shop.. "

Don't know he talking about the designer for the packaging or the interior designer for the store =.=

I never heard about this brand.. 
I only heard about     "  b•liv by Cellnique  "
 their serum Gel is really Nice !! 

But today,  I'm going to talk about Belif 
The new skin care range from Korea ~
Since I'm in Korea now,
Bought this in cheaper price compare to S'pore store...

-- Overnight Skin Regeneration Mask --

A cream type Sleeping Mask..
Put on your face for a thin layer...
Sleep tight and... wash off on the next morning ~ ^^
Overnight mask always the Best choice for someone LAZY like me  >v<

I Will try for 2 weeks and share again here ...
Hope it is effective for my skin ^^

Selling Point for Belif :
1) The use of Natural herbs in their products 
2) Synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrance and mineral oils Avoided
3) Came from Napiers, a British company who formats and produces Herbal products

Their Star products is the Aqua Bomb >v<
Feel like trying it too...    :p


Anonymous said...

Hi dear , how's the effect of the overnight cream u use ? I will going to korea soon too . Think of buy this product to try hehehe....

imchacha said...

it's pretty good, good thing is no chemical only herbs, and it remain the hydration on my skin even i sleep in aircon room~ and it is not expensive,you may try ~

^^ I tried 2 of the sleeping mask, first one is regenerating,and the second one is brightening,
both pretty good~

Anonymous said...

What effect does it do to ur skin?? Tot of trying cause I have tired skin don't know if it helps...

imchacha said...

Hi! It does, just a normal recovery for the skin,
but if you have a tired skin, i will advice you to get the sleeping mask for hydrating in order to boost up the hydration level of your skin and your skin will instantly feel renew. try Laneige sleeping mask pax!