( Japan - Part 2 ) First met Duffy ~ Hello Disney Sea !

10 Years anniversary for Disney Sea >v<

Previously I didn't know that there are Disney Land & Disney Sea ~
Until i travelled to Japan =.=''
Really country side's ChaCha... wahahah

Disney Land is more on the Parade, Indoor Attraction and some Disney Shows for kids..
Disney Sea is more on the Outdoor attraction for those who above 12 years old ..

Journey to the centre of the world, Storm Rider, Tower of Terror, Aquatopia...
Those are the Roller Coaster located in Disney Sea ^^

Besides that,I enjoyed the Mermaid show so much... 
They hanging in the Air and Swim + Sing ^^


The day start with .. my Chubby face lolx!
I guess that is because the Cold weather maybe?
* Excuses...i guess i ate too much during the trip ! *

Stepped out from the hotel..and i saw a mini Park...
The tree is naked >v<
Winter season and all the leaves gone ~
The Air was so Fresh in Tokyo.. Honestly, their City is really Clean..
Even the Japan government didn't Provide the Dustbin on the Public places,
but the residential well trained to bring the rubbish back to their home 
and throw to diferrent bag.. for Recycle..

Passed by a Roadside restaurant...They have the delivery of Fresh Seafood 
in the morning...
See the Clams was so BIG!!!

Then, went into the convenient Store..
A lots of snacks and food selling there..
Can't easily choose hehehehehe 
Love their Variety and Packaging <--- again =.=''

Found this in the convenient store..
You can get iTunes card easily in Japan >v<
Curious... because Singapore didn't sell this...

If you think the weather was warm because the sun light was bright..
Then you are Totally wrong...
It's freaking COLD!!!! around 2 degree ?!

Got a Crunky Choco and start to get into the train ...

JR Line > Disney Line 
Love every things was decorate with Mickey >v<

Wow!!! It's so COLD and we are near to the SEA!
They are so "powerful" to show their legs out in this kind of weather !!
T_T   Im wearing 3 layers + 1 Jacket and + 1 stocking + 8 hot pads !!

First met Duffy...
Never see Duffy before i went to Disney Sea..
Duffy is actually the doll that Mickey gave to Minnie before Mickey go for a long trip..
therefore Minnie will always hug Duffy and missing Mickey ...
So cute! the Mickey outlook with bear faces =.=
Everyone in Disney Sea that day... hugging a Duffy on their hand or hanging a Duffy keychain at least
Made me feel like..
I want to get one too!!!
aahahahahah ...luckily i bought ..else i will regret i guess..
because Duffy will only able to get in Disney Sea Tokyo~

In the food court...
The theme is "Under the sea"
Mermaid! yes~
hehehe ...
The light , the environment , the design was so Great!!!

Even the paper cup...
was in Great Quality and the fulfilled with the Disney Pattern outside..

The souvenir that i bought in Disney sea...
Love my mug and Minnie bag + Duffy keychain >v<

by the way..
Disney Entrance ticket was a little bit Pricy for me..
around $130 SGD  1 day pass...
But, it is still the MUST go place for ME!!!
I guess if that is around Spring or Autumn season,
I will Play non stop with the attraction and take a lots more  photo than this..
This is actually taken by my iPhone 4S,
as the weather was TOO cold and i can't really remove my glove and holding the camera T_T

I think, I will go again... DISNEY!!!
Wait for me!!!!


HevnBoyz said...

nice photos! that's also one of the reason why i like Japan. Everywhere is so clean & neat... & you look so cool with that pose but at the same time so cute with that mickey hand earmuffs! haha! any part 3 ?? =D

imchacha said...

ahahahah..Part 3 coming soon >v<
now preparing Korea trip T_T...
now I'm in korea....lolx
2more days go back to Singapore...