No.1 on AMAZON JAPAN! ALOBABY outdoor spray & Milk Lotion Review

I'm always a fan of Japan's skincare range and I would love to share something I love and it ranked No.1 on Amazon Japan!

 I've received these before CNY and used it almost everyday on myself and my nephew who is just 2 months old. As ALOBABY made of 99%+ naturally-derived ingredients with Non-toxic: Additive-free, Coloring-free, Synthetic Perfume-free. I feel safe every time when I use them because it is so gentle and effective.

ALOBABY products are developed based on the opinions of experienced mothers who have used organic skin-care products during pregnancy. They aim to deliver reliable products with premium quality to both you and your babies. It's effective for newborn baby to adults, even for those with sensitive skin. ALOBABY uses natural fragrance from Lavender & Rose & Lemongrass to make you feel relax and their products are 100% made in Japan.

In Japan, there is actually a fast growing trend of adults coveting baby skincare products. Some of us who is having sensitive skin like me, are falling in love with baby range like ALOBABY.

Alobaby Outdoor Mist
This Outdoor Mist is one of Alobaby's top sellers and I can easily tell why. The bottle is a convenient size, and its DEET-Free - which is safe for the babies, and us. The scent is soothing lemongrass and rosemary oil, and the spray function is both convenient and economical. I spray freely on myself and on my nephew who is just 2-month-old. It's an organic Outdoor Spray repels insects with natural derived aroma so it keeps us safe from insects like mosquitos especially in Asia country.

It is made from Orange Fruit Water, Lemongrass Oil and Rosemary Oil. Ideal DEET-free formula protects baby's skin gently. Not only for baby, it's also safe for pregnant mummies. One thing I love the most -  it protects our skin from the sun too with SPF 15 UVA & UVB. Insects repellent and Sunscreen two in one bottle, easy peasy!

Alobaby Milk Lotion
Made-in-Japan organic Milky Lotion is ALOBABY's signature item. It provides high moisturizing effect and is certified by the world-known ECOCERT. Contains natural moisturizing ingredients, such as Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.

I've let Kai tried this and this definitely works like magic to calm down and to moisture his skin even he has a Eczema condition on his arms and legs. I love it's lavender and rose scents that subtle in it to make me feel so relax and pampered every time I applied this milk lotion.

ALOBABY products are super lightweight. It's suitable for us in Asia. Non-sticky texture but moisturizes my skin very effectively! Baby skincare products are gentle so good for adults as well.

And now you know what to buy for yourself or maybe as gift to others easily! ALOBABY it is!


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