Say no to dots! My Elsa Bright Laser Review

There are many types of laser in the market and personally I've tried two of them so far - Carbon Peel & Elsa Bright Laser. I like the Elsa Bright Laser better and here I am sharing my experience on this treatment to you lovely people.
I did my Elsa Bright Laser in ME Clinic @Time square KL with Dr David. The ambience of the clinic is cozy and Dr David and the staffs are very friendly. These factors make me feel confident and comfortable throughout my treatments.

What does Elsa Bright Laser do? 
  • Rejuvenate skin texture
  • Get rid of uneven skin tone
  • Diminish pigmentation 
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Brighten the skin & scars
  • Minimize pores 

The best part of this laser is - NO downtime. I can see my skin brightened and glow immediately right after my first Elsa Bright Laser session. Especially the forehead part and this makes me very happy and satisfied with the result. I've been using sunscreen and brightening product for my face but it doesn't really helps much in my uneven skin problem.

This is the result after my first Laser. I'm so happy finally I've found something works so well on my skin problem. Besides of brightening the skin tone, it also helps to lighten the pimple scars like mine on my cheek.

What's the procedure?
After the consultation with Dr David, the beauty assistant applied numb cream on my face. Waited for 15 minutes, then removed the numb cream on my face and started with Elsa Bright Laser. It took around 10-15 minutes for the laser and the treatment ended with a cooling aloe vera hydrating face massage with machine. I love the end part so so much!

What I like about Elsa Bright Laser?
First of all, it works perfectly for my uneven skin tone even on the first treatment. Secondly, I realised my skin is getting smoother and pores are getting smaller after two treatments. I would say this is something I would love to recommend to my friends. Oh ya, and No Downtime too.

Quote "charlene" and get a better price.

For more information on ME Aesthetic Clinic:
Contact: +603 2143 3866 // +60 18 222 8122
Address: LG-18 Lower Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square.


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