Travel to Korea in a different way: Gyeongju - Discover Silla Kingdom 新羅 ( Day 1 )

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Travel to Korea is always exciting! Fancy night markets, local make up brands located along the street, plastic surgery hospitals, Korean BBQ and kimchi are popping up in my mind when I think about Korea.

It's been awhile I didn't travel to Korea. Thanks to Korea Tourism Organisation who contacted me and brought me to a brand new experience! I'm so blessed and totally amazed by this FAM trip with lots of activities and experiences.

Gyeongju, an area that embodies the time-honored history and culture of Gyeongju, the ancient capital of the Silla Kingdom. (新羅) I'm so into the journey to discover Silla more and more throughout the trip, it's indeed fun and interesting.

Gyeongju Itinerary :

Day 1:
Seoul  >  Gyeongju  > Temple food at Baru > Gyeongju World Culture Expo for Extreme Performance - "Flying"  >  Surime  >  Cooking class at Surime(Making half-moon rice cakes)  >  Dinner at Surime ( Royal Cuisine )  > Checked in to Hilton hotel Gyeongju

Touched down Gyeongju and had our lunch at Baru restaurant for Temple food ( vegetarian food ). Love the atmosphere, super Zen and the food are so lovely, I don't feel like eating all green vege but all of them are so colourful. Even the salad itself is so yummy with the special beetroot sauce.

I personally love their pumpkin soup. It's sweet and warm, consider a lovely dessert to me.

And we were here at the
Gyeongju World Culture Expo for the Extreme Performance - "Flying"

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The performers are so good in their show. I can see their efforts and it was a good experience to me, to know more about the Silla Kingdom through a fun yet professional show like this. Well done lovely people! The hall is big and comfortable, can fits up to a thousand people.

After this fascinating show, we were up here at the Surime. I love this place, as I can see greens and fresh air towards my face. It's a hidden gem out of the city, feel so peaceful. We had a simple tour around the places, and also our first experience to make half-moon rice cakes with the director, also known as the Royal Cuisine Institute instructor. 

용산서원, 龍山書院

Their special made soy sauce.

Tutorial started with the director.

Our artwork!

I love their traditional apron, and I look like Dae-Jang-Geum haha!

We are the artist! haha so cute the rice cake!

Here comes the Royal Cuisine!
We are so blessed, the food is so good! Definitely worth for trying as they using their
own soy sauce and ingredients to prepare the meal.

Joseon Dynasty was the peak of royal culture in Korean history, and royal cuisine thus became the quintessence of traditional food culture in Korea. The meals served for the king were prepared by the best cooks in the court with quality ingredients procured from across the country, consisting of local specialties and fresh seasonal foods. Royal cuisine has been passed down by word of mouth of court cooks and royal descendants for generations, as well as in written records of royal feasts.

Look at this! I miss their berries already!
First tried and I love it! Unlike normal grapes or berries we had back in our country,
this one instead like a jelly berries.

With my group of adventurer.

Namsan Mountain, designated as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, envelops the surrounding areas of Surime, a restaurant where Park Mi-suk, the director of Surime and a graduate of the Royal Cuisine Institute, showcases her special royal cuisine of the Joseon Dynasty. Surime has a garden where its own fresh ingredients are grown that deliver an authentic taste of royal cuisine. 

Telephone : +82-54-748-2507
Operating Hours : 12:00-21:00
Address : 110-32, Poseok-ro, Naenam-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
                경상북도 경주시 내남면 포석로 110-32 (내남면)

We checked in to Hilton Gyeongju. The hotel is so grand and clean, love the spacious room and I had a hot bubble bath that night. Mmmmm, feel like a princess. 

To be continued...


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