Best online shop even if you are out of Korea :

It's been awhile since my last visit to Korea. I love to shop my on trend outfits and cosmetics every time I travel to Korea as the quality is so good and the prices are affordable. Therefore, all of the princess out there who is traveling to Korea will then come back with overweight luggages like me haha.

But every time when I realise the lipstick I bought from Korea is almost gone, it's a tough time for me as I need to choose either to get the same one in my country with ridiculous prices or I fly to Korea to restock them.

and.. YAY! Till I found

It's the First Korean Global Shopping mall which is selling products that are made in Korea, designed by Korea and they are all Korean Brands!

I'm so glad that KoreanMall is selling all the cosmetic brands that I wants, and also to help my friends to get her Bigbang albums in a super reasonable price!


Look at their featured collection and I spotted this! Who's a fan of Song Joong Ki? I'm placing my order for this tuna too, I guess it would be perfect with wholemeal bread for my breakfast!

I really love the featured collections so I can discover more about what's in trend and buy them with a lovely price and to be shipped to my doorstep.


Now you can win yourself and a plus one for FREE tickets to Korea and meet BTS! Simply purchase $49 or more and you'll be automatically applied for this event.

Join the contest before 28th October 2016.

My friends and family are so crazy for KoreanMall as they get what they want in good prices. I feel so happy that we all can shop almost everything even out of Korea now at .

I can see myself a regular to restock my everyday needs from make up to home appliances from KoreanMall. You can always be on trend!

And now you know where to shop.

Check their Mega Sale now at :

xoxo, Love.


jcj no1 said...

good blog with pretty chubby writer

markus said...
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markus said...

hey, you should totally check out for korean products and fashion as well! They just launched a free shipping feature