A new perspective.

It's been awhile I didn't share my personal thoughts and feelings on my blog. Hey lovely people out there who read my posts, I miss y'all. 

I'm a girl who put my happiness on priority. When I hang out with my bff, I feel happy. When I have my Starbucks mocha frappe, I feel happy. When I'm travelling to other countries, I feel happy. There's a lot of reasons for me to smile and I woke up every morning with a passion, to create and enhance what I'm doing right now, to improve every little thing in my life.

I'm glad that my online florist shop Floratorie.co is running so well with all your support! Thanks to everyone who mentally and physically support me. Thanks to my business partner cum bff, Catie who always stand by me. I will definitely do my best and I believe, we will go to the next level very soon.

As a travel ambassador and lifestyle blogger, I get a lot of chances to explore new places, try out new products and meet a lot of new people. So happy that I met a lot of nice people through my recent trip to Indonesia, and that's also one of the reason why my gallery is so beautiful as there are a lot of talented people who can take stunning photos.

Thanks to my manager, Nataly, who always manage and handle my things so well! **clapsss**

I appreciate those who sincerely good to me, especially those I met since long time ago. They are my childhood friends, primary classmate and secondary schoolmates. I treasure good people more than any other thing. Never forget my followers and readers, who always support my pictures and blog posts, Thank you!

Thanks again everyone for coming into my life, y'all like my guardian angels.


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