My Travel Hack: How to save money on flights with Travel Cat

To travel is to live, obviously for me.
I'm a travel junkie as you can see. I feel so blessed to explore the world while I'm still young and energetic. They often asked how I did it as travelling might cost a lot of money. It does cost a bit from air tickets to accommodations, food and transport while you are exploring the country. Here a little travel hack that I'm gonna share with y'all who love to travel like me!

First thing first, Save money on Flights with Travel Cat!
I'm a full time blogger and that's why I can choose the cheapest flight and fly whenever I want. But what if, you have your full time job and a certain date to travel on? 

Found this cute little website that actually sending us the flight deals before anyone else! How cool is it! You can sign up for Free, and start receiving deals right away. But this will only be 20% of the deals available. As a premium member (only $5 per month) you will receive 100% of the deals - and trust me, its definitely worth it!

They are currently providing the service to the United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. So if you are flying from these countries, you can save the big bucks! Most flights are not last minute, meaning you have plenty of time to book and organise your holiday.

Travel Cat has over 40 000 subscribers now and they've saved their subscribers over $1Million in flights. They have deals to all major holiday destinations in every country, average saving of $592 per customer!

Signing up now and start receiving first hand deals!



jcj no1 said...

nice nice nice blog on 14/11/2016

Unknown said...

Thank you for info.

Unknown said...

Now I will travel more sparingly, but often. About my adventures, I have a blog.