JORD wood watches review

Who would have ever thought that wristwatches, one of the marvels of mechanical technology, will go eco? Wood, one of the most versatile materials here on earth, makes a fashionable twist with these wristwatches. Nothing spells a solid character such as wood. The whorls and natural lines and colors of the wood are highly variable meaning there will be no other watch like yours.

Jord- the finest hand-crafted & all-natural wooden watches engaged me for this collaboration two months ago. I was amazed by the details of the watch when I first saw it.

Finest hand-crafted, the watch is super light-weight and smooth
The unique design and materials make people have their second glance on it.

I fall for their Elly series - Maple design.
Perfect match with most of my attires and it's super photogenic.

Pictures collaged from @woodwatches_com

There're a lot of other designs too. You’ll want to take a peek at all of the JORD styles to see which you would prefer, but I really love this Ely Series watch in Maple. This was a good investment if you’re in the market for a unique, sustainable watch! I suspect anyone you bless with gift of one of these beauties will be grateful to know you.

Buy these watches and you’ll be making a more interesting picture of yourself. Plus, you get to help Mother Earth sustain itself with the use of renewable materials, why not?


Unknown said...

I love the simple, but natural design and the fact that they are working with wood. A very pretty watch :)

imchacha said...

Indeed. Thanks for your comment.

Maariah said...

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