Hello Taiwan 2016! Taichung FengJia Night Market (逢甲夜市)

Let's grab your bff for a trip when you need to recharge! I'm happy I did it. I've embarked on my bff trip to Taiwan with these gorgeous people - Kaya, Carmen, Samantha & Stephanie. Thanks to Samantha who planned the trip for us as I was busy for the past two months. Our first night in Taiwan was food hunting and non-stop shopping in Taichung FengJia night market. All of the girls insanely love the place as things are cheap and in trend!

We seriously regret we've brought a lot of outfits for our trip, but ended up all of us were conquering the night market with a lot of goods back to our hotel room. Haha! And guess what? New outfits every day while travelling. For all ladies who plan to go to Taiwan, bring less as you'll somehow buy more here.

Fly with these beauties - Kaya & Carmen

What a perfect flight essential - MegRhythm eye mask!
Love the new Yuzu scented eye mask, say goodbye to tired eyes.

Lovely friends departed from Singapore and met us in Taoyuan airport.
Hello Samantha and Stephanie

Journey started from here - Fengjia Night Market @Taichung

Shopping heaven for all of us ladies!

and the food hunting has begun..

The only smelly tofu that I'm enjoying.
This is really yummy!
Red Tea Smelly Tofu with kimchi.

Stephanie loves it too!

Fried onion rings & Fried cheese are good ideas too.
Awwww, Love it!

Pepper cookie is one of their traditional snack in night market.
But I'm not a fan of it.

Grill scallop ! with a lot of different flavouring, worth trying too.

Happy three friends.
Finally we met!

Mmmm... miss the food already.

What's next?
Treasure hunt / Shopping of course!

I can shop whole day & night here!

Looking great Samantha!

Got this simple yet stylish outer for myself.

Super cheap! 

Late supper here for porridges.
One of my best porridge ever, must try!

Never know that corn and egg porridge can be so yummy!
Should've try to cook it at home.

Seriously love this.

To be continued...


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Nat Nat said...

Interesting !!! I wanna go ....

imchacha said...

Thanks hehe
You should plan your trip soon!