D'sire Hair Review : Violet Ash Hair Color

Things has become easier after I did my highlight at D'sire Hair with Jeff! I've changed my hair color twice towards my preferences and it turned out incredibly cool! Jeff is my all time hairstylist and he is a real star who I can totally trust on - as he cares more than I do!

I've been thinking about violet or purple hair for sometimes and I really love this customize violet & violet ash by Jeff. My hair turns out unique and elegant under different lighting. Awww! He always know what I want!
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 I can't bare with this pudding head anymore.
Oh gosh.. I can't wait no more to change my hair color.

My hair was dry due to no hair care over 3 weeks while I'm away.

 First thing first : Pudding head no more

Followed by : Violet Ash hair color & Treatment

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They use a mist dispenser to spray the smallest molecules of the liquid protector to restore the protein in your hair immediately. It's kind of vitamin for your hair so it turns stronger. Then hair steam with red light to boost up the absorption of the hair protein. Followed by Keratin Restore cream. Oh I love the smell so so much! My hair smells so good even on the next day haha! This hair treatment strengthened up my hair immediately and it heals from within. Worth for a try, quote my name and enjoy this hair treatment at $96.

Ta-da! Violet Ash is here!

Different shade under different lighting.

Before & After   =)
Hair condition turns so good right after the treatment!



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Unknown said...

I really love this hair color and it suits you well!! You look pretty <3

imchacha said...

Thanks Nana!! =D
I love this colour too and it makes me look fairer.


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