NIVEA Make Up Clear Review

NIVEA is the world’s trusted No. 1 skin care brand (Nielsen). It is an accessible, reliable partner whom consumers easily identify with, bringing out the best in their skin, their beauty and themselves. NIVEA’s unique formulations of proven quality, work in harmony with the skin to keep it healthy. They are highly effective, superior in terms of care and mildness, offered at a fair price.

NIVEA's new Make Up Clear range has recently hits the market, providing a convenient and effective cleansing routine which caters to all types of makeup users. What caught my attention the most is their Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser. It's perfect for a light makeup user like me.

Sleeping with your makeup on can damage your skin and increase tendency for clogged pores and therefore acne. That's the reason why I don't usually apply foundation or tinted sunscreen like BB or CC cream.

The Star Product - NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser, designed for light make up users. It can remove 10 types of makeup for 10 times fairer, water-like looking skin! (10x better whitening efficacy than vitamin C, based on in-vitro study of Pearl Whitening Complex by Beiersdorf AG Germany. )

For heavy makeup which includes waterproof and eye makeup, NIVEA has the Make Up Clear Micellar Water & Make Up Clear Cleansing wipes in its repertoire for double cleansing to ensure all makeup are thoroughly remove!

Do you know that sunscreen or products with SPF are more resilient and regular cleanser cannot clean them off properly? Even when you use BB Cream or even tinted sunscreen, you have to remove them properly and NIVEA Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud cleanser can do it.

I applied it on like mud mask to absorb makeup and unclog pores after a long working day. Next, I added water and massage it as a makeup remover. Lastly, just rinse off to reveal fairer water-like skin! For individuals with oily skin, you can try the Make Up Clear White Oil Control 3in1 Foam Cleanser. Love this 3in1 mud cleanser as it's perfect for my daily skincare routine and good for tripping too - One do it all.

My skin turns fairer and brighter right after the first used and my skin feels clean without any stinging sensation. With its mild ingredients and convenience, I can see myself as a regular user of Nivea Make Up Clear 3in1 Mud Cleanser.

NIVEA Make Up Clear range can be found in most departmental stores, personal care stores and supermarkets. For more information, do check out Nivea’s Facebook page!

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