Vineyard & Tulip Festival in Melbourne! - Part 2

I miss those eye-catching flowers already and here's my part two. Those photos are just like one of the postcard selling in the souvenir kiosk.

I'm planning to bring my mum to Melbourne end of this year to see what I've saw, I guess she will loves it! Cooling weather, fresh air, beautiful scene and a cup of fragrant coffee - Life! Once again, Thanks to Yuan who drove me to this tulip festival, followed by wine tasting at vineyard, a wonderful dinner and award-winning ice-cream in town.

 Pink x Purple

 Look at these colourful tulips

Photo taken by Yuan XD

 Vineyard at Punt Road

Yuan and I

 We got some apple ciders - Yum!

Universal Italian Restaurant
Went here for dinner on a cold night and it was lovely inside and out. 

Cool decorations in the store

 Oyster! Big love

Spagetti and Steak

Gelato at Il Dolce Freddo

One of the must eat food if you travel to Melbourne. This is the place you go to for experiencing unusual gelato flavours. I love their Ferrero Rocher Gelato, it is rich and creamy yet not too sweet. The best gelato so far I ever had.

I want to go back to Melbourne as soon as I can!


Ah Whee said...

Melbourne always welcome you ChaCha!

imchacha said...

Thanks Ah Whee haha!