The Royal Melbourne Show ~ Part 2

I got my mini basil from The Royal Melbourne Show, but too bad I can't bring it back to Singapore so I left it at Yuan's place - actually ended up in Don's tummy lol. Don is a dark brown doggie who stayed with him previously, owned by his flatmates. It's so funny everytime I heard it from Yuan lol.

I got a chance to experience a big event like this, once again Thanks to Yuan. I love every corner in the show, the people were smiling, the atmosphere was Awesome! You can spend your whole day here and if you are lucky, you get to see the fireworks at night!

Adorable mini basil!

Fun activities in every corner

Master chef's building?

There's no angry way to say BUBBLES!

Time for Showbagssssss!

I wish to get all of them but I know I don't use them.

Photography exhibition

Cold weather with hot fries!
Mmmmm ~yum!

I got Mr. simi from The Royal Melbourne Show
He is sitting on my dressing table now haha

Lovely girl with beautiful smile!

Should go to their Haunted house next time,
perhaps no long queue.

It wasn't a lucky night as no fireworks due to bad weather. Hmmm
Followed by the bikes performance before we headed back.

I love the concept of The Royal Melbourne Show, 
we should have something like this in Singapore too!
Don't you think so?

--- xoxo ---

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