Draw my Life

I feel so blessed that I can draw since I was a child and seriously, I want to pick up my skill recently. I used Sketch book express app to draw on my Mac and the app is just Fantastic! Super easy and the best part is FREE for download from App Store. Thanks to my manager who encouraged me to do what I like. Sometimes I draw for my buddy to show my love and care. I wish to inspire the people around me with this little drawing skill that I have ^^

I can see the happiness from the bride's eyes on their wedding day!

Woke up at the midnight and I drew this randomly..

Friday should have some wine? or sushi?

I think a raincoat would be great to explore a city during raining season..

I am feeling secure because of you...

Companion is always something people looking at and fighting for..


Happy walker said...

so cute!! haha~

(A Growing Teenager Diary)

Unknown said...

so cute! can draw a book of stories d.. for ur wedding or travelogue series ^^