Library of Flowers Honeycomb Handcream & Acca Kappa Virginia Rose Body Lotion Review

I'm so blessed by giving this opportunity to try the body care products from Library of FlowersAcca Kappa. Thanks to Wendy, who sent me their Hand Cream and Body Lotion for trial and I swear, she is the sweetest girl so far who contacted me for collaboration. My very first question to her before accepting this trial is whether this product comes without SLS or Paraben, and her answer made me super excited. Their products are SLS and Paraben free so we are very safe from cancer by using them.

=)     Big smile !

I always a fan of natural products and you can see how happy I am on the first picture with their Honeycomb Hand cream Haha! I personally love their packaging too as it is simple and fancy, I just can't stop showing off this cute stuff with my friends. 

Library of Flowers Honeycomb Hand Cream Review
Besides of loving the cute and fancy packaging, I also love its natural floral scent, not too strong and it just perfect for me. The ingredient also contains coco butter, therefore the texture is rich to keep your hands moisturised all day long. For people who sweats a lot on their palms might feel a bit too rich with this hand cream, but what you can do is to wipe off the top layer on your palms after each application, my friend who has palm sweat did it this way and it works well for her. This is also one of the great gift idea if you are going to buy something for your girls next time and I'm sure they will love it very much like I do.

Acca Kappa Virginia Rose Body Lotion Review
Energising and nourishing as promised! Made from natural ingredients with an emulsion rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. I love the texture and it truly nourish up every single part of my body even I'm sleeping in air-con room. It's a super good sleeping lotion. I would definitely recommend you to drop by their counter at Takashimaya 3rd floor to have a try on their products and choose the scent that makes your smile ^^ Acca Kappa is famous with their hair brushes and I wish I can have a chance to try and review their brushes in the future.

You can find Acca Kappa in Singapore at:
Takashimaya 3rd Floor, The Gift Box

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