My Skin Hydrating Secret

Hydrating is important to our skin to keep us away from acne, fine lines, dull and ageing. I've encountered a lot of skin problems before and the key to achieve a flawless baby skin is to keep it hydrating. I'm actually a lazy girl who doesn't like to apply a lot of things on my face. I always believe less is more and yes it works for me.

I can't stay without these two Hero Products that keep my skin glow and they are SKII Facial Treatment Essence & Aesop Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum. People who following me for some times do know that SKII is always in my regime list.

My first Aesop product was Resurrection Aromatic Hand Balm. It was a Christmas gift from Samantha Thong, my pretty girl friend who always love to share her beauty tips. She did ask me to try their Fabulous Face Oil as she really loves it. I swear I'm going to get more Aesop skin cares after I tried their hydrating serum.

I bought Aesop Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum while I'm traveling to Taiwan last year. This 100ml serum cost me about $85 but it last me about a year. You will be surprised on how lightweight the texture is and it rapidly absorb into our skin after a few seconds. Aesop claims that this serum boots with Vitamin B, Vitamin C and anti-oxidant rich ingredients. It's hydration extends from Aloe vera base while botanical extracts soften our skin. I love it so much as it leaves the skin smooth with a matte-finish.

A perfect combination and I can't live without them in my life, at least for now ^^


Eriol Loh said...

no wonder ur skin look great

imchacha said...

Thanks sweetie~ Eriol…
you have nice skin too~

Samanthathatha said...

hahahahaha good stuff right?! I mean Aesop product! I'm using their face scrub now, love it!

imchacha said...

Yeah... Super good!
Gonna buy more and more their products!
Thx for sharing good products with me always~