Nuffnang Lovin X The Terrace @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

Thanks to QinXin for this invitation and I feel blessed to join this Nuffnang Lovin event during the weekend @The Terrace, Conrad Centennial Singapore. A lovely chance for me to be feed with yummy food and also a sweet chance for me to meet new people. Nice dessert and spacious environment are always what we looking for nowadays. 

Conrad Centennial Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the city, near to Millennium Walk and Promenade MRT station. It would be my ideal hotel if I'm a tourist who travel to Singapore. They have four dining options in the Hotel that you can choose from whereby this event held in one of them called The Terrace. They have two parking lots right beside the cafe and you may just stop by for your coffee break here. The Terrace is obviously a cosy chill out place with variety of food, drinks and dessert!

I had the whole fruit juice for my first refreshment and I really like it.
Feel super healthy as a combination of Apple, Banana, Orange, Kiwi and Spirulina juice.

The Shawarma station that fully caught our attention.
Have you try a Wasabi Shawarma before?

This is my Wasabi Shawarma ^^
I like it with Wasabi and it would be great if the Wasabi taste is stronger.

A giant chicken curry pie that few of us can share with.

Macaroons for us! 

Best of the day - their signature
Chocolate Royale Hazelnut Crunch
The combination of chocolate and hazelnut is perfect especially with the crunch at the bottom
Can't stop eating this and the manager is so kind to serve us another one haha

Macadamia Chocolate cake
The outer layer is as similar as magnum ice cream,
too rich for me as the whole thing is chocolate.

Chocolate Royale Hazelnut Crunch
A must try signature cake
So you know what to order when you are here ^^

Beef pie that comes with juicy beef and it is delicious

I've tried their mini croissant sandwiches in Ham& cheese and Soya Beef.
I like their soft croissant with tasty ingredients inside and the size is perfect for me

I've tried their cappuccino so I can get you some idea for a hang out place next time.
The coffee cup is so cute with a big tummy. 
The coffee is light but the foam is super rich and soft which I like it so much.

Pretty girls in the house for our food tasting event.

Cute cupcakes for us from the manager, Edwin.

My food tasting ended with a Strawberry smoothie that totally amazed me! The taste is so good and I just can't explain it in words. It taste like a combination of strawberries and blueberries and it is super fruity but not too sweet that keep me refreshed for my afternoon.

Edwin David, F&B Manager at Conrad Centennial Singapore. He is the most friendly manager that I've ever met in Singapore so far. He served us happily with the nice food and drinks and we were enjoying talking to him. I can feel no gap between both of us as a sincere smile always hanging on his face.

Cute coffee cups that selling in Conrad. 
I like the fat tummy cup in white haha.

Do find out more deals and Like their page at :
>> Conrad Centennial Singapore <<

Address: 2 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038982 
Phone: +65 6334 8888


el said...

Wow! Everything looks so delicious! :3 Makes me hungry even though I've just had my broccoli soup for dinner :D

imchacha said...

Hey EL:
you are soooo healthy~ i should make myself a broccoli soup too ~ >v<