SkinnyMint TeaTox : Look & Feel Your Best

Glad to receive this sponsorship from SkinnyMint for their TeaTox system. A new term used to describe a "detox tea" system to help individuals lose weight. The teatox systems comes with both a morning tea which increases energy levels and metabolism, and an evening tea which is a colon cleanse. The evening tea is the main part of a 'teatox' and often contains senna leaf, a natural mild laxative, which detoxifies the body.

SkinnyMint TeaTox Review:
I've tried my first 14 days teatox and it pleases me greatly! Besides of getting rids of unhealthy toxin from my body, I can feel my body also gain energy after the teatox as previously I did feel tired easily. A cleanse is important for our body just like we do scrub and wash our face before we applying skin cares. I always want to get something to detoxify my body and I'm glad to have this 100% natural ingredients teatox to fit this role. I feel my body is light meanwhile skin is glowing after two weeks of teatox by SkinnyMint. If it is something good and healthy to our body, why not ? 

Got two packs of 14 Day Teatox from SkinnyMint
It comes with 14 morning boost tea bags and 7 night cleanse tea bags in each pack.
Great and light packaging that you can conveniently bring it daily

3 Main Health Benefits of a Teatox
This time of year is perfect for a teatox. I bet that you don't know some of the most amazing health benefits of a teatox... Here are three major health benefits of starting one today: 

1. Weight Loss
Want to reduce the size of your waistline, reduce your BMI, and increase how effective your exercise is? If so, look to a Teatox for the answer. Studies have shown that green teas with ginger can slow the amount of weight gained over time, even with the same diet. The morning tea can also help to shrink your waist, keep your body mass index lower than others, and perhaps even help you to not get metabolic syndrome. 

2. Energy Boost
The morning tea, which is an important part of every teatox, contains caffeine, a stimulant, which can obviously give you an energy boost. Research shows that one of the health benefits of the green tea is that regular drinkers could also endure certain types of exercise for longer than those who did not drink it. It can also boost how much fat you burn on a regular basis. 

3. Preventative Health
Studies have shown that one of the best health benefits of a teatox is that it can help to protect you against certain types of cancer. Risk of cancer of the lungs, colon, skin, stomach, intestines, liver, mouth, prostrate, breast, colorectal, ovarian, pancreas, and much more can be reduced when you drink tea regularly. It also helps to boost how our skin can resist the harmful effects of UV exposure. In some cases, it can help to repair some of the damage done from smoking cigarettes, as well. Heart attack risk can be reduced with tea, as well. 

My evening Teatox for night cleanse. 
I went to toilet after 3 hours and it helps to empty up my stomach before I sleep haha

Obviously this is not me lol!
But my aim. I don't have a big tummy but exercises needed to build a better shape
I'm trying now and gonna share my own picture later ^^

Look and Feel Your Best
It's something that you can do to get a better you, Why Not?


Cristina Yahakub said...


Where do you buy the teatox?

imchacha said...

Hey Cristina:

You may get it here with FREE shipping:

Unknown said...

Have u lost weight?i want to try it so can lose weight :). Planning to make reviews if it works on me. But im a bit scared about going to toilet alot. =(

狮子烁 said...
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狮子烁 said...

Hi Charlene. It comes with 14 morning and 7 night. So does it mean 1 morning during breakfast, another morning in the afternoon, 1 night per day? So finish this set within 7 days? Or, 1 morning and 1 night per day on the first 7 days (night cleanse finished) then 1 morning per day on the last 7 days?