The secret of Legendary Mee Hoon Kueh 面粉粿

I would say I am a big fan for Mee Hoon Kuey but unfortunately I couldn't find myself a truly yummy one in Singapore yet. What to do? Cook my own then! Haha.. Special Thanks to someone who motivate me in cooking and now I have my Legendary Mee Hoon Kueh recipe for sharing !   

The good thing about cooking my own is having the hand torn version rather than those thin square machine-cut pieces from the food stalls. I always think that MHK is not easy to made as my mum used to cook it for us less than four times a year and she always complaining about how hard she can make a dough during the making process. Now I have a chance to make my own and I would say, its not hard though. ^^

Ingredients: ( 2-4 potions )

1 pack of plain flour ( choose the one special indicate for ban mian )
2 eggs
1 tsp of salt
1/2 cup of water

Meat marinade:
minced pork
1½ tsps oyster sauce
1/4 tsp sesame oil
few dashes of white pepper

1 cabbage
few soup bones
few mushrooms ( rinse and soaked to soften )
1 handful anchovies

Toppings & Stock:
fried garlic oil
pork meat balls

Cut the cabbage into smaller pieces and rinse it 

Mixed the eggs into the flour , add a tsp of salt and beat until well mixed

Knead the dough with hands. They will be all sticky and a little messy as you begin. Keep the kneading going until the dough starts coming together and no longer sticks to your hand. 

Boil the cabbage with the soup bone
Usually I will boil it till the cabbage turn super soft in order to have a tastier soup base  =)

Haha, my dough is ready !

Now spend your creativity on this!
Haha, you can do whatever shape you want.
But of course I will always go for the standard one.

Then the mushroom!

Heat up the frying pan and add in the garlic and stir fry until fragrant. Bring in the marinated minced pork the next and stir fry till the colour changed.

Then you can add in the fried marinated minced pork and pork ball 
into the soup together with yourhand torn MHK.

My legendary MHK is done! The soup is superb !

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Tenshi Chn said...

I'm glad there's a place nearby that serves good Pan Mee noodle ^^

Yours looks yummy too :)