The Brighton Bathing Boxes in Melbourne ~ Colours always make me happy!

Brighton bathing boxes are a popular Bayside icon and cultural asset. They are unique because of their uniform scale and proportion, building materials, sentry order alignment and I would say this is a must go place for you if you travel to Melbourne. The beach is clean with big sand area, no massive drops once you are in the water and gentle waves good for children.

I like the beautifully maintained old bathing boxes, contrasted with the modern sky scrapers in fairly close proximity. Wonderful for taking photos during the day. Go to St Kilda Beach if you want a lot more things "happening" around you (including more cafes, places to get).

Can't stop myself taking photos with these colourful boxes

Look at them!

He is good in that!

Jeannie and I

Congrats on the engagement!

Wow, look at that!

We were here!
Thanks yuan to bring me here .

Love this the most!
~ Rainbow colour ~

What's next ?
We have a sweet tooth and..

Tea time 

I will be back again.. someday   ^^
Miss it already ~

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