Life is like a camera ~ Focus on something important...

It's time to update my journey here.. I met a colleague in my company's gym few days ago and he gave me some useful advice on blogging, Thanks Dominic ~ I learnt a lot from your opinion ~ Appreciate all of the  comment and idea to me .

Thanks Tracy for brought us to the nice Bar Chor Mee & porridge 
at Bedok 85 , Love the porridge so much <3

And we had a great night ^^
Right place with right people

I love this place called Bunker ^^
located at Changi ~ Super cosy place for our gathering

Have it my way ^^
My breakfast in Burger king

The famous temple in town~

My cousins...

Thanks to my landlady who prepares such a nice 
Lunch box for me ~ Love it

The cat under the HDB

Suzanne gave me the Apple dollar ~
Super cute and made my day

slimming slimming and first day to gym

I love Haagen-Dazs ~
Enjoyed my time in my room 

Guess what ? in China Town

The Family gathering at NSRCC Changi
Super happy ~

I love my OMD olympus so much ^^

Can you imagine i wore this to a club ??

The home made breakfast ~

Gym again ~ but sushi after that haha

Tried a new Korea bubble mist cleaner 

Love this top from Korea ^^

My beloved piggy sister 

Anyone can tell me
How can i get a better leg's shape ?

Wanna be Lucky ? 
Smile always !!!

Tracy's star fish was dead

Cara's cute Blythe -----    BL-5 Kozy Kape Inspired ~
Made me wanna get one too >v<

Make up make up !!

Is that okay with light make up ?

Happy outing to Clark Quay 

Super enjoyed the $0.50 ice cream and chicken wing from IKEA 
I Love IKEA!!!

Got the under bed storage box for my Blythe finally ~
super messy now..

Love my Hair Perm from Korea ~

Thanks Victor for the picture during our Lunch time 

Special Thanks to all of u !! 
Vui Ming, Victor Tan & Sudan
I got a lots of postcards ^^

My Sunday BEst Blythe ^^
Love her so much ~

Have you smile today =)

Cheers Baby ~
Life is Fun !!

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Kenneth said...

um... were you playing world of warcraft with your ice cream???

imchacha said...

lolx, i played that last time, also Dota, but this one is Ragnarok 2 ~ hahahaha

Kenneth said...

O I didnt play Ragnarok 2 before, is it good?

kelly said...

Hi, I'm Kelly. Where did u perm yr hair in Korea? How much? U look so nice with yr curl:)

imchacha said...

Hi Kelly,

Do check it out here: