Korean Trend ~ All about Collars ...

" Every corner we turn we are being hit by someone wearing collar " ~ A super cute sentence by Eileen. I composed this post by gathered a lot of pretty Korean ladies with the current Trend . No matter a formal top or a cute dress , they all come with collar ~  

From my point of view, the collar can make one looking smart , elegant and sweet ~ Let's have a look at the cute faces with their collars today  ^^

One of my favourite style..
I have few of the different colour checked tops in my wardrobe

the collar with lace dress
I have one similar to this too !! >v<

Most common style these days
thin chiffon collar top
looks so smart and casual on ladies

The cute blouses


some of my collection..

What are you waiting for ?
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Kenneth said...

You like korean very much!! food, clothes, "skin care things", everything is from korean!!

imchacha said...

hahahah!!! yes i am ~
how about u ? is korean ladies your type ?

Kenneth said...

actually i dont have any fd from korea, so cant tell~

imchacha said...

I have a lot of korean friends, and they are so cute and nice ~ Maybe you can try to get some korean friends via internet first ~ haha

Kenneth said...

haha, any suggestion that where can i start to get some korean fds??