Enhancing your life with Games...

Some of you will no doubt find these picture familiar.. Are you a gamer like me ?  I'm a homebody who enjoys hiding inside my room with my computer or gadgets . I would say the games are no harm to you if you can arrange it with your time wisely.

I was first introduced to Ragnarok and Warcraft through my friends and soon after found myself enjoying it. I could still remember the times when we would talk about the game all day long.

Ragnarok 2
The Online game I have recently played is Ragnarok 2. I stopped for 3 weeks as I feel boring to do mission alone. Hit 44 Level and trying hard to reach 50. ( The maximum level right now for RO2 )

Candy Crush
Who doesn't play this ? Most of the people around me are still playing this game although i stopped after 11 levels. A game for smart and lucky people but not me ...   T_T

Line Play
Cute role playing game that allows you to make friends and decorate your own space within the game. A cute version of The Sims ~ I played this for 2 days and got bored of it. Haha.

Draw Something
Talk about Draw something .. I have some FUN drawings from my friend to share ..
I lough out loudly when these appear in front of me 

A Frightened Gold Fish 

Do you think this is Tiger ???
A sunburned Cat with Zebra print !!

And this....   =.=''
Do you think this is Stomach ???!?!?

Plants Versus Zombies
I completed this game twice as it's boring but fun ~ Haha 
Available as a Free download in the App store

More games to go but I can only share a few today. Let's do a shout out here if you've enjoyed a game which you found it interesting . Sharing is always a sign of Caring ~ Let's PLAY , It's FRIDAY ~~


Kenneth said...

Haha, I almost played all of the game!! (didnt play Ragnarok and air rider)

do you need to keep paying for the game ragnarok 2? or do it like warcraft that you only need to buy the game and can play forever?

imchacha said...

Hey hey Kenneth,
Ragnarok 2 is Free~ totally FREE ~ hahaha
Let's play !