( Taichung ) Yizhong Street ~ Yizhong night market 台中一中街 (一中商圈 )

Yizhong street 一中街 , a day and night market whereby most of the fashions stores gathered. Look at the crowd =.= I can't really enjoy here and regret that came here on Saturday. A lots of fashion boutiques and clothing stores here but the road and junctions are super narrow. Maybe i'm getting old and therefore I couldn't stay in the crowd for long time. After a 40minutes walked in Yizhong street, i straight took a cab and go back to my Fengjia night market. And I realised Fengjia is still my preferred place to spend my evening time in Taichung.

 My journey started from this main Junction

Super Duper Crowded..

 My favourite snacks in night market 
Fried Milk ^^

Feel so sweet looking at them..

I love the Papaya Milk form this store

You will see this noodle store beside the main road right opposite the Papaya Milk's store
A lot of people there and I ordered the Spicy Dry noodle ..
Super yummy and chewy

And I ate Mcdonald's for my lunch that day 
Have you ever try Red Bean Pie?

To Be Continue..


Happy walker said...

good traveling sharing loh cha cha~ XD

imchacha said...

Thanks for your 1st comment lo Mr Lonely ^^
wish u happy happy new year ^v^

Unknown said...

Great job done..