( Taichung ) Fun Photos at 3D Fantasy Horizon^^ 奇幻異視界~台中世貿3D幻視藝術展


I was so excited for the 3D Fantasy Horizon during my Taichung trip. I took a cab from Fengjia University to Taichung World Trade Center and cost me about TWD$150 which is consider cheap for a fifteen minute's ride. You can also use google map to route the way if you travel alone by bus.

The super friendly and kind taxi driver brought me here for my Breakfast before went into the World Trade Center.  Four Season Dragon 四海遊龍 , a store who selling yummy dumpling and tasty soy milk.

The fried dumplings were so delicious and the Kimchi dumpling is my favourite.

The Best soy milk I ever had during this trip. haha ~   =)

I love the breakfast here...

On my way to Taichung World Trade Center .. The Park is big and looks greenish ...

I got my ticket with TWD30 discount  >v<


I was not able to take all the photos as there were a lots of people during weekend. Too sad I visited on Saturday, the peak period. Try to avoid weekend and therefore you can pose nicely for all the 3D paintings. It worth for a visit if you travel to Taichung and all of the artworks are painted by Japanese artists.

Like their FB Fans Page and you will get  TWD30 discount.

Address: No. 60號, Tiānbǎo St, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407


Kenneth said...

o the 3D幻視藝術展 only available to 10th March...

I dont think i can go before it ends =[

imchacha said...

Kenneth, when are u going ?
lets check the date again, it actually keep moving ~

Unknown said...