(Seoul) JINNYS ..Unique And Nice Fashion Store in Garosugil, Shin Sa Dong ~


Super excited to get back to Seoul again ! My very first day in Seoul today with my Sweetie , Sienna. She is the one who going to take care me during my 6 days Korea Trip.  We went to this Trendy Korean Fashion store " JINNYS ", located in Garosugil, Shin Sa Dong. Shin Sa Dong is a place whereby all of the designer brands and unique design shops gathered. You will definitely enjoy the different fashion and handmade accessories in this area.

I really Love the store decoration and interior design as it is Simple and Bright !! You will easily concentrate on their fashion with the white background and bright natural light. Therefore, we have a lot of Nice photos in the shop today ^^

Super Nice Body Shape by Sienna !

She is really like a model ! Sienna is Single and Available,
Please let me know if you want to get her number   !

Cosy Seats in the store

Nice Jacket selling in JINNYS

How about this ?
a Leather Jacket !

Their Unique Jacket & Coat that i tried on

Nice bag that catches Sienna's attention!

Cheers , Sister =)
don't look at my tired face as I just arrived in Seoul ..



After having the explores in JINNYS,
Sienna bringing me to another place...
Where she bring me ?

Look at the Yellowish-Red Leaves...
I love Autumn Season !
Feel touched when i see this.. I don't even remember how many times
I said :" wow ! so nice ! really nice! "

To be Continue  ...

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Nemesis said...

Haha.. What everybody(mostly me) would really like to know is if you are still single and available.. :P

Patrick said...

Aiyo, never tell me u going back seoul. should have wait for u , tag along then i will not lost in seoul last week......sob sob....

PS: Can I get to know her :P

imchacha said...

Nemesis: Hahahah~ you sure you wanna know the answer? I'm waiting someone to marry me LOL

Patrick: Hey Patrick, this is a sudden trip ~ Really appreciate Sienna as my tour guide^^ she is the best!!
Sure Patrick you can know her, just add her fb :p
She is super nice and sweet lady ^^

tester said...

nice jackets from the shop! ^^ did you get anything?

Patrick said...

hmm...how come can only like your blog but can't you and Sienna to fb.......can teach me how?

Patrick said...

hmm...how come can only like your blog but can't add you and Sienna to fb.......can teach me how?

Unknown said...

Hi Cha... did you buy the grey coat?

may I know how much is that?. Do they still have stock? Really like it.

I'm goin to korea on Dec, hopefully can drop by and buy that coat.

Thanks :)

imchacha said...

Hey e.fae:
I just got myself an Alexander Wang T shirt for summer season in SG hahaha~ didnt get the coat ~

imchacha said...

Indrayani Koeswandani

Glad to hear that, you can try to go their online store and have a look, they have a lot of nice stuffs , some of them are Leather material! really cool ! and great !

Please let me know if you need help to check the stock, i can help u ask the boss~ ^^

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene, I happened to see your blog while searching for shopping guide in Seoul online. May I have the full address of the boutique Jinnys? I am going to Seoul in Oct and wanted to visit the shop. It will be great if you can provide the map of the location. =P Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!