(Seoul) Where is my Chocolate ?? Leonidas , the Best Belgium Chocolate in Myeong Dong~

We are the Chocolate Lovers !! Sienna Onni brought us to Leonidas, the best Belgium Chocolate store in Myeong Dong. Leonidas is 100-year-old traditional chocolate brand from Belgium. The truffle chocolate and hot choco here were good~   <3  I really want to try all of the chocolate that they selling but the price is a little pricy haha~ similar as Godiva price >v<''

About $2-3 per piece.. yes per piece =.=''

Our special guests ~
Jamie Park & Sienna Park      =)

Temptation >.<''

Cute store's decoration

Ladies ~ lolx...
taking photos non stop~

Leonidas official website :

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Patrick said...

Why I didn't see this cafe?
I stay in myeong dong everyday walk around the area leh....sob sob so sad.

Cha cha when u coming back :)

imchacha said...

Came back^^
This is at the end of the street~ maybe you didnt see it ~
How is your trip ?

Patrick said...

You got mail!! :)

imchacha said...


Patrick said...

Haha re sent email, think the 1st mail thru mobile lost in transit. :p