(Seoul) Best Hair Saloon in Seoul , Nihke in Beauty at Apgujong-Dong

What to do in Seoul ? Besides of shopping and eating, Hair saloon is a MUST GO place for me !!  If you sick of your local hair saloon about their expensive price or not skillful hair stylist , this is a Right Chance to have a hair cut or hair perm in Seoul.  They fulfilled with Talented and Skillful Hair Stylist, Providing Best service and Environment. You will definitely enjoy the Hair saloon in Seoul.

Thanks to my sweetie, Sienna. She did a lot of research online and found this Hair saloon, Nihke in Beauty. Nihke , is not only a Hair saloon, but a store that providing head to toe services for beauty. They have Medicure Pedicure, Face Make up and Hair Saloon. Many Celebrities come here for Hair styling before shooting or attend to the show. They have Wedding make up too ! Super professional as I saw it that day with one of the stunning bride!

Stunning Autumn View in Seoul

Look at my straight hair ...
I really want to have some Natural Perm like Korean style ^^

Walking on the street in Apgujung-Dong

... Nihke in Beauty ...
we found it ~

cosy environment 

My sweetie, Sienna

Our Hair Stylist f the day 
My hair stylist was Yekeum, on the left. She is super Shy ~

After changed the clothes and stored our bags in the locker, 
we had our Hair wash here

They served snacks for a hungry customer like me 

Haha, am I look like " a-ju-ma" ?
Look like auntie ~    :p

Treatment time 

Setting Perm

I ordered some food again   =.=''  as I didn't take any breakfast
Super yummy Mushroom soup with Breadsticks

They gave us some Tangerines from Jeju Island !!

Dang Dang !! 
This is Sienna !! Her Hair Perm Super Natural and Lady like.

This is ChaCha ~ haha ... I love the hair perm >v<

My hair stylist , Yekeum on the right.
and the assistant on the left .

I love this environment ~

Sienna and her hair stylist 
Sorry as I didn't know her name   :p

Super cute and friendly ..

I Love my hair now ..
Natural perm..
Super satisfied with it ^^

What is the price for standard Hair Perm in Nihke ?
- Usual price around $300 ,  but you can get a coupon  >> here <<  for $120 only.

What is the price for my Hair Perm ?
- Usual price around $400+, but i got my coupon at $160. 
Including Hair wash, Hair cut, Treatment and Perming.

What is my Hair Perm called?
- Setting Hair Perm

Satisfaction ?
- Yes, super satisfied . 

Service and Environment in Nihke?
- Very cosy, very friendly , and skillful stylists. Love the products they using.

Nihke in Beauty

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tester said...

nice perm ^^ seems like you are pampering yourself in korea. haha. nice trip ^^

imchacha said...

Hahaha~thanks Ef.ae
I really enjoy my trip ^^
but spent less hahahah~!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you know if the staff there are able to communicate in english?

imchacha said...

they can speak very basic english yesss~ ^^

Xiphias said...

The saloon only serves female? Do they have male customer? The website for the discount coupon all in korean, I can't understand >.<

beauty salon said...

Seoul best hair salon is described her. Useful post

Anonymous said...

Hi, is ur perm lasting?? Is the discount coupon still available? Went to the link u gave but they are all in Korean. Don't understand.

imchacha said...

Thanks ! My perm is still very natural now, long lasting, at least 3 months still good ^^
the vouchers still valid ^^

this store is not only for ladies, it is for both male and female ^^

jingmin said...

Hi Charlene,

enjoyed reading your blog.i have friends recommend red carpet as one of the top salon in seoul, your Korean friends able to give a review on it?

..:*PandaYa*:.. said...

Dear Charlene~
I´m going to seoul in about one week and wanted to make a perm there too.
can you remember the prices (won) from this hair saloon? XD
also good to hear, that they speak basic english. my korean is too bad. haha^^;
thanks a lot and well done with your blog!~<3

..:*PandaYa*:.. said...
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imchacha said...

Sorry my friend never try that before..no comment yet ~

hi! glad to hear that you going to Seoul soon. Their price is about sgd150 for perm+cut+wash+treatment ~
And you need to buy the coupon in order to get this promo price~^^

Unknown said...


help please Charlene! I tried to buy the coupon on that Korean website but It is all in Korean! How did your friend do it, could you pretty please share? I love your hair! Going to Seoul soon with some girlfriends.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i will be going seoul in june so i am wondering if the coupon will be valid till second week of june?

by the way,how do we dl the coupon? It seems like we have to login in order to do so?

Jane 제인쨩 said...

Hello, I need your help dear. The discount coupon in all in Korean, I could not understand, please tell me what should I do now?

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene,

I am going to Korea for my pre-wedding photoshoot. Do you happens to know their charges for make-up and hairdo for brides ?

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene, how many hours did it take to perm etc?

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene, how many hours did it take to perm etc?

mugetsu said...

Hi Charlene, I'll be going to Seoul in Oct and was thinking of getting myself a perm too. Went to the link for the discount coupon but it is in Korean. How do you use/dll this coupon and is it still applicable this year? Thanks!

MarianiGo said...

Hi Cha cha,

I see the voucher link u attach. Is that for any type of perm ?

I dont really get it since its all in korean.

Do you mind guiding me in purchasing the voucher ?

As i read your previous comment, its include perm, wash, cut & treatment. is it apply for long hair too ?

Unknown said...

Hi Charlene

Just to check if you have to known korean in order to go there for the service?

I learnt but I don't think I can convey good message of what I want~

Unknown said...

hi charlene,
the voucher link u posted, i couldn't open. may i know whether it is still valid? cos i'm planning to go to seoul on end of march. or is there any best hair saloon u know with good review and cheap?
thank u n looking forward ur reply.