(Seoul) 가로수길 Garosugil , the little Europe in Seoul ~

Garosugil, a Must Go place in Seoul !!  Garosugil is a district in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. A Place whereby all the unique designer stores and art galleries gathered, with their creative store decoration, special coffee shops around the area, Ginkgo Trees along the roadside. I fell in Love with the stunning scene in front of me.

If you are looking for special dessert stores, fancy coffee shops, creative art designer fashions or unique handmade accessories, this is the Right place to go. Really enjoyed walking on the street in Garosugil , a little Europe in Seoul.

Garosugil, a place where all the elegant ladies gathered..   :p

The Real flowers in front of a store for decoration 

Dasti Plate - an Italian Restaurant in Garosugil
Guess who is the owner of the restaurant ??
Not me of course, but a famous Singer in Korea,  Alex Chu 추헌곤
I had my dinner here on my last night in Seoul, and I met him~  ^^   He is super friendly and a sweet guy..  He is good in English too as he born in Canada. ( if I'm not wrong ) 

***   Super Thanks to CEO Shim for the nice dinner and nice Wines !!!!     =)

Alex Chu 추헌곤

Our shadow ~~
Charlene & Sienna

a Huge bear beside the Bear's restaurant

This is an Open Air cafe in Garosugil
Feel the nature and relax yourself here ^^

Grab your fashion anywhere in Garosugil

And I found brownie..
Super cute siberian husky that always appear in GAG ( Famous show in Korea )

Love the background here ,
An accessories shop in Garosugil

Some handmade stuffs selling on the street..
Look at the western behind me .. she was curious.. and ...

Have a look together ... lolx...

Love the antique watch ^^

I don't know when Sienna took this photo..
While im talking to her XD

Watch out !!
Piggys here !!!
Special decoration from the store, and the piggys beside the entrance

Am I talking to the Pig ?!

Cute Sienna ..

Saw this super cute Vespa ^^
( Special Thanks to Ray , for telling me about Vespa =.='' )
( Stop laughing me ,Victor Tan, I really don't know about Vespa  )

Guess what is she doing ?
She calling someone who blocked her car !! lolx..
( Name card on the driver's seat )

We went to this..
GODIVA in Garosugil !
Super nice hot choco that warm up our day in this cold season ~

I love Godiva >v<

Sienna Love it too   <3

My sweetie Sienna and Charlene
First day in Seoul , November 2012

Super cute RedBull's car ~ and the driver is a Lady !!

Really Love Garosugil!  Please make sure that this is one of the spot in your schedule if you travel to Seoul and you will never regret if you visit here ^^  You can spend half day to look around, have some window shopping as their selling price here for fashion might be a little bit higher as they are the designer shops. But you will enjoy seeing around for something different and having a good experience in a fancy restaurant or cafe in Garosugil.

Where is Garosugil ?
Garosugil is a district in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. Gangnam area.

Satisfaction ?
Absolutely YES ! ^^

What you can expect in Garosugil ?
- designer stores
- art galleries
- fancy cafes and fusion restaurants
- handmade stores for accessories
- offline stores for blogshops

To be Continue ...
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Patrick said...

Sob sob this is the 2nd places that i cant find...go with cha cha better can go so many nice places

imchacha said...

Hey Patrick~~
don;'t worry , you will go Korea again , I'm Sure ^^

Patrick said...

U going with me? :)